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If I boost my precious Windreaver to a 1/4, then I attack and is unblocked. I switch his power and thoughness, but as I do that my opponet target him with a Lightning Bolt. In fear of loosing my beautifull creature, masterfully painted by Aleksi Briclot, I switch his power and thoughness again, hoping it will be enough to save him.

Will it ''go down'' like this on the stack:

Switch power & thoughness - Lightning Bolt - Switch power & thoughness

Or even if I didn't switch the power and thoughness after he is been targeted by Lightning Bolt it would be:
Lightning Bolt - Switch power & thoughness

He would die no mather wath wouldn't he. 

If you opponent lets the power touchness swap resolve, you can save it by responding to the lightning bolt by activating it again.

If he responds to the first activation of the power/toughness swap, then at some point it will have 1 toughness with 3 damage marked on it, and it will be destroyed.
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Yup, he'd die either way because the first P/T switch will ALWAYS make his toughness 1. The only way you'd save it is by paying that to bounce him to your hand. Any other option with the creature itself would cost more than the 6 mana it would cost to bounce and recast.
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