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Dungeon Command Preview 1
By Peter Lee

In today's preview article, Peter Lee—one of the designers behind this latest tactical miniatures game for Dungeons & Dragons—takes us through the workings of the game.

Talk about this Preview here. - 4e D&D house rules, homebrew, and story hours - now featuring ENWorld's Zeitgeist adventure path! Will Thibault is a winged, feathered serpent rarely found anywhere except in warm, jungle-like regions or flying through the ether. Due to his intelligence and powers he is regarded with awe by the inhabitants of his homelands and is considered to be divine.
Looking good.

I want to buy all the sets for the miniatures so I can use them with D&D. I'm guessing I won't be able to buy the minis by themselves.

My daughter may want to try this, so I'll start with the first two sets that will be released and decide if I need to buy the other boxes after that.

I like the idea that each box will have a theme so I know what I'd be getting. I'm guessing later they will add expansions to the teams to sell more minis. I hope those just have the cards for adventure system (I also have that). That way I don't have piles of dungeon tiles that are the same thing.
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