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So Infiltrate Builder's Hall says whenever I buy a building, I get 4 points.  Nothing in the game just says "buy a building", the board spot says put it into play and pay its cost.  Thus I'm wondering if the many quests that let you get a building for free would trigger this or not; it seems like it would since they're worded similarly (you're putting the building into play), you just get to ignore the cost, but I'm not sure.  Search didn't turn anything up so figured I'd ask.
The only way I know of getting a building is placing an agent on the space, pay the cost. (I didn't read all the cards, so I don't know of any quests that just "give" a building.)

It seems that if you get a building free, you don't get the points. You have to "buy" by sending an agent on the space, and paying the building cost.

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Now the FAQs say: 
Does an effect that places a Building or puts a Building into play count as purchasing the Building?
No. You count as having purchased a Building only if you assign an Agent to Builder's Hall and pay the Gold cost of the Building. Putting a Building into play by other means (such as by completing a Quest) does not count as purchasing the Building. However, if you put a Building into play under your control from Builder's Hall and that Building has any Victory Point tokens on it, you gain those Victory Points regardless of whether you purchased it or simply put it in play.

I think that clarifies and as it's been suggested before, you only purchase a building using the Builder's Hall. 
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