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the game system will be D&D 4th ed the players starts at level 3 with 3 magic items, 1 level 4, 1 level 3, 1 level 2, and 520 gp

the game is being played online using skype for communication, google docs for displaying the maps and this site for dice rolling 

i currently have 2 reliable players and i need at lest 3 total to keep playing so i would say there is space for 4 more players, the next game will be today at 7pm GMT and we plan on having a session at least once a week, if anyone is interested in joining contact me on skype name is :jlmdragon make sure to put in your add request message that your looking to join the game so that i know its not just spam.

the group currently has 1 defender (a paladin) and one striker (a warlock)
Sent you a request on Skype. :]
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