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I'm still seriously confused over what the Hell is required of me to get this to happen.

I've arranged with a store to run Encounters nights. They are already signed up with the WPN as they run Magic tournaments but they don't have anyone running Encounters. I have my DCI number and passed my judge exam ages ago (it's expired) but never used it.

So do I need to become a Judge again in order to be WPN Organiser? Or is the store itself the WPN Organiser? Can I just run games as a regular DCI member or do I have to renew my Herald status?

I consulted the FAQ here and it just pointed me to the WPN website which is absolutely no help at all. I want to DM and organise Encounter nights at this store: what do I have to do to make that happen other than have a store willing to do it, which I already have? 

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As someone at the store sanctions and reports Magic tournaments through the WPN it may be simplest to ask them to order and report the Encounters sessions too. There is no need for the GM or actual organiser to be the one who works with the system and as far as I know all WPN event organisers can order Encounters.

If you want to be the official organiser, I think there is a form on the WPN site marked Join WPN which allows you to name a store you are affiliated with - you cannot order events until the WPN have verified that you are associated with a store. If that is no longer there - that site does change quite often - I'd contact WotC via the Customer Help system and explain what you're trying to do.

I hope that helps!

Also, this area of the boards is very low traffic now - Encounters isn't really an RPGA program - and you may find other support in the forums on the D&D group.

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