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So I'm planning to start my next game with the adventurer's attending a festival. I've already figured out what will be happening at the festival (archery contest, drinking games, jousting, ect.) and worked out (mostly) how the PCs can participate in these events.

Really my only problem right now is coming up with a reason for the festival. The game will be starting in Coyote's Refuge, wich for those who don't know is a settlement outside the ruins of Vor Rukoth, an ancient tiefling city. The Refuge is a desert themed tent city with only three permanent buildings, and is considered a last stop for the dregs of society, so I'm havng trouble coming up with reasons for them to have a festival.

I though about making the festival a world wide affair that is celebrated everywhere, but somehow that feels like it cheapens it. I would rather it be a local festival with its own local flavor. But how is that possbile when the local flavor changes with every day and every caravan that passes through.


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Kinda wrote yourself into a corner since a festival isn't really a 'last stop' thing.  It sounds like you just want to do use the mechanic without having a reason for it.

Put it on the backburner for later, or have it at the next town over kind of thing.  If you feel like it *has* to be there, both a lunar festival, festival of the moon, or havest season could work for reasons.
A festival could also happen to celebrate more specific occasions such as the anniversary of the town's founding, a large battle, or the birthday/death date of someone the town liked or despised. Perhaps a charitable soul with family wealth has heard of this place, or has lived here, and has come to donate to ease the pain of living here.
 Also, agreed with Mastercliff. better to wite a cohesive story and then spice it up rather than write cool ecounters or sessions and try to jam them into the plot somehow.

Hope this helps

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