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Hello I was wondering what would happen if you had multiple descendants' path  on the battlefield? For example if I brainstorm  on my opponents end step and put 2 eldrazi creatures on top with a nest invader  on the battlefield, would one resolve on upkeep casting one for free and then the other casting and additional one for free?  And if I only have one like creature type on top during upkeep would it cast for free if I choose then the other card go to the bottom of my library?

Thanks in advance!
The two Paths will resolve one at a tme. The first one will reveal an Eldrazi, and you can cast it. It resolves. Then, the second Path tresolves, and the same thing happens.

Edit: Either of both times, if you want, you can choose not to cast the creature and just put it on the bottom of your library instead. If you only had one creature of an appropriate type on top of your library, the second ability will reveal an ineligible card when it resolves, and it will go on bottom of your library.
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