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If I have four 1/1 human creatures on the battlefield and my opponent Slagstorms for creatures, and I respond with Divine deflection for three do I deal twelve damage to my opponent? Or is it just three? Does it save all of my creatures? What about the damage done to me? Thanks.
Divine Deflection
you need X to be 12 to save all your creatures
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[c]Divine Deflection[/c] -> Divine Deflection

Deflection for 3 prevents deals 3 damage total. You can save one of your humans.

No damage is dealt to you since they chose creatures for slagstorm.

If they cast Flamebreak instead, you'd have to choose between saving a creature and preventing the damage to you.
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Divine Deflection for X=3 will only stop 3 damage total. You can either save ONE token from Slagstorm by preventing 3 damage to it, or prevent the 3 damage to yourself (or spread around the damage prevention, but unless there's something else in effect here, that won't actually accomplsh anything).
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