Last night's session

Party size 6
one of each pregen with 2 battle priests

not a fan of the disadvantage antge battle priests award buddies. And with two in the game granting each other this perk. Damn hard to have monsters hit these guys.

The session was 3 encounters. About 1 1/2 hours.

1st enounter. 2 bugbears. Character's quickly figured out the perk of the battle clerics coverage. Playing in Totm everyone quickly got adjacent and the priests made sure they had each other's back.... We called this bugbear slaughter.

2nd encounter. 7 fire beetles invaded camp. Totm. Party tried to buddy up with battle priests but i managed to keep a couple seperated. They were the only ones that got bitten. This was a fun encounter as they spent most of their time trying to position themselves to not be blown up on or spewed on. If you have not had the chance read up in the beastery on the new fire beetles.

Third encounter hobgoblin guards and a warlord. I tossed in the warlord that granted fearless leader perk given the other hobgoblins advantage fighting with their leader. This off set the disadvantages the battle priests granted. Fair fight. Everyone survived but some damage was taken. The players made that feel a lil more edgey and adventurous.

Played at the

3 players were return players from last week. 1 said he will be taken a break for a few weeks

3 new players. 2 will return next week. 1 lived an hour and half out of town and said he would like to be back but couldn't say for sure.

dm male 39
players withe gussed ages
3 males aged 18 to 22 all returning
1 male 25ish taken a break
1 male 45 ish try to return
1 female 40ish returning
Sounds like you have a good time.

The Guardian feature can only be used as a reaction once per round. So if both bugbears attack the same priest, one of them will have disadvantage.

I don't see where Fire Beatles in the bestiary have any spewing/fire stuff. Is there a newer document I missed. 

I like how you could use the monsters abilities and tactics to counter many of the PC combat perks. Makes them a credible threat and more exciting.

Can't wait to hear your next report!