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Hey guys, I need help comming up with a name for a Northren Mercenary Outfit, that also controls alot of thieves guilds around the ports and cities where they operate.

I came up with a couple that I am not really happy with such as Iron Wolves (to cliche) and The Crimson Blade (meh). I don't want anything to bloodthirsty or barbaric. Something a little mroe professional sounding would be great, something like the Golden Company from A Song of Ice and Fire.

Also the Port City itself needs a name. Right now I have named it Siren's Harbor but I am not really feeling it. 

Any ideas would be helpful

The Syndicate.

The Frosted Guard.

The Chillwind Elite.

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The Third Legion
Cook up some longwinded story about a war in which the first two legions to take the field were slaughtered, the third held the line and won the war, but were later dishonored for some trumped up charge so their rulers could withhold promised land and titles.  The commanders of the legion then struck out on their own as landless mercenaries, and outlived the nation for whom they originally fought. 

Company of the Long Road (their arms are a broad, vertical gray stripe dividing a field of white, and the commoners call them Gray Stripes).

Silent Shield - Always Victorious; Always Discreet

The Dunbors
Established three hundred years ago by Rugnir the Brown, this mercenary company is famous for taming a breed of dire boars indigenous to the boreal forests and using them for cavalry mounts.  The company, whose arms are a roaring dwarf astride a brown boar, were originally called Rugnir's Riders, but after years of being called "Dun Boars" by the region's landed knights, regular military and constabulatory in an attempt to shame them, the company took on the name officially, turning the intended insult into a point of pride.

The White Gauntlet
The Gauntlet started as a company of bandits and pirates, who, after being hired by one lord to harry another exclusively, went into legitimate business.  The original company had a set of eight platinum coins, struck with stylized gauntlets on either side, which they would issue to contract holders and reclaim upon collecting payment, limiting the number of contracts they could assume and guaranteeing safe conduct to the holders of those coins.  Their promise was that, should they fail to protect the holder or his interests, they would never reclaim that coin, so that the realm would forever have a reminder of their every failure, and so that the company must disband should they ever fail to fulfill eight contracts.

The practice was abandoned after seventy years, as "taking gauntlets" became something of a sport with the region's pirate and bandit populations.  Merchants and sovereigns became more and more reluctant to hire the company, fearing to provide marauders with additional incentives to attack their caravans.  The company, which had at that point lost three of the eight coins, devoted themselves to recovering them.  That campaign lasted over a decade, during which the company's numbers diminished and its reputation as merciless pirate hunters grew.

The original eight coins now adorn the company quartermaster's wagon, along with the skulls of the two pirates who took coins and were hunted down by the company.
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I know you may already have a name but I managed to conjure a few myself.

Shadewalkers - Half-Elves, Half-Orcs and Humans are the primary basis. They walk under the shades of the tall mountains they call home.

The Free - A group of fanatics, though they call themselves a company, that believe that their freedom comes from serving the coin (due to their insanity they don't see the irony)

Gauntlets of the Mountain - Orcs, Half-Orcs and the occasion Mul consist of this burly group. Bruisers all with some of their females taking up shamanism, barbaric to every sense of the word, but showing an undeniable cunning when it comes to tracking and ambushing their pray.

Hope you get a few sparks,

- JJEMoffatt
The Hand
Silent Hand
Silent Waves

For the port town, I like to take two cities around you and take one syllable from each and slap them together.

Atlanta + Houston = Atlanton


For the port town, I like to take two cities around you and take one syllable from each and slap them together.

Atlanta + Houston = Atlanton

Newark + New York = Newyork

Uh, I think I broke it.

As far as the company is concerned, you could keep it simple, “The ‘Port-City-Name’ Lancers”.  The Golden Company that you reference might give you some inspiration, named after a color.  There was actually a White Company operating in Italy in the 14th century, IIRC, you could pick a color that might represent in game heraldry or something similar.  Naming the group after a personal name, either a party member or a past founder, or an in-game historical person, can be a good start.  Picture a European company with a name like “The Company of St. George”.   I like using the term Company.  You can also use a good military descriptor like the “blank” Lancers, or pick a more commercially correct euphemism like the “blank” Explorers or “blank” Mission Support.  I personally would refrain from the word “Order” as that has certain connotations of chivalry and honor rather than a commercial enterprise.  Of course, even then “Order” would work if you are looking for a certain post-modern cynicism.

And despite the little joke at the top of my post, I actually like the idea for brainstorming city names.


"blank" Enterprises, I forgot that one.     

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