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Beyond platformer gimmicks.  Beyond cheap enemy abilities.  Beyond that thief bot from those Descent games.  There is one thing in an fps that can terrify all.  And that is, the FPS Terror.  Whatever the game, the monster charges at you, running full bore.  Maybe it carries bombs in it's hands.  Maybe it is the bomb.  But if you allow it to draw near, it makes it's presence known in one point of sheer terror as it explodes!
  This monster is an attempt to create that fear.  Something so vile that you will be cursed for using it.  It's an elemental construct whose sole purpose in life is your death.  It charges to you, and with a minor action, takes you with it.
  It probably needs some balancing and maybe some more abilities.  I'm not good at making minions.

The attack line compared to the icon used is very confusing. 10 feet?  Am I to assume that its only attack -- which, by my understanding, is an explosion that reaches out to 10 feet -- does 36 on a hit, 25 on a miss?

FPS TerrorLevel 20 Brute Minion
Small Elemental AnimateXP 700

Senses Perception +16
HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion
AC 34; Fortitude 32, Reflex 33, Will 32
Speed: 6
Screech ( Standard Action, at-will )Thunder
Close Blast 3 (Each creature in burst)
+22 vs Reflex
Hit: The target is pushed 3 squares and is knocked prone.
Effect: 22 Thunder damage.
 Elemental Instability ( Triggered Action, encounter ) Fire
Close Burst 5 (Each creature in burst)
+22 vs Reflex;
Hit: 22 Fire damage, and the target is pushed 5 squares, knocked prone and is subject to a secondary attack:
+22 vs. Fortitude
Hit: The target is stunned until the end of its next turn.
Festering Claw ( Standard Action, at-will )Necrotic, Poison
Melee 1 (One creature)
+24 vs AC
Hit:The target loses 1 healing surge, or takes Necrotic and Poison damage equal to his healing surge value if he has no healing surges remaining.

Alignment UnalignedLanguages None

Str 17 (+13)Dex 29 (+19)Wis 23 (+16)
Con 23 (+16)Int 17 (+13)Cha 17 (+13)

There a scream that reaches 15 feet, an explosion that can REALLY bring in the pain, and a melee attack that's sure to make guys who get into contact with them CRINGE *evil grin*

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The attack line compared to the icon used is very confusing. 10 feet?  Am I to assume that its only attack -- which, by my understanding, is an explosion that reaches out to 10 feet -- does 36 on a hit, 25 on a miss?

Uh, close burst 2, but should have been 3.  Five sounds like too much range on an attack though.
Uh....I must've hit effect when I was clicking by accident.  It's supposed to do 25 on a hit.
I guess that's still not enough.  I didn't think about knockback or prone.  And it should probably do some damage on a miss.  Thanks, I'll have to modify it.
Maybe a smaller explosion if brought to 0 hp or something.

Thanks for the tips.  I'll change some things.  Trying to keep the flavor of a one shot thing.  Kind of like a moving trap.  That screams at you while charging.
Damage changed to an even number, half on a miss.  Added an attack when it dies that does half damage on a miss.
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