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Any chance that Inn-fighting is still avaliable? I wanna buy it and couldn't find it.

Thanks, lad.

I saw it today (Dec. 1, 2012) at a game shop in Missouri, so it's around. I've owned about a year and haven't ever played. Read the directions tonight and don't get when "evil" comes into play in the game. Just says it has a special effect but I don't ever read anything else about it. Any ideas? 
Best bet is to look on ebay. It's not always there but comes up on a fairly regular basis. If you're not in a hurry to buy, watch for a while to get a feel for the prices. Sometimes I see for sale less than the original sticker price and in other cases it's selling for double or triple  that. The problem is that some sellers know it is out of print and mark it up while others see an item on their shelf that hasn't sold and just want to get rid of it.
Amazon.com has it listed at 11 bucks and change.
Love this game ... how often do you get to punch your brother and chair a niece and NOT get into trouble???

The 'evil' keword comes into play on one Adventurer card; Syranil, Half-elf Paladin.  Her power attack is

Smite (2 or 4 damage. If target is Evil, 5 or 7 damage; Evil characters make no defence roll.) 

Shame that more was not made of the keyword, like Evil creatures always have to deliver a killing blow (ie knock-out a bystander or adventurer) when selecting the target of an attack or power.  Could be off-set by getting an extra VP or healing one HP if the target is knocked out. 
I LOVE this game. We take it with us on every camping trip. At first there are typically just 3 or 4 of us playing. But after some of the other people see the game, everyone wants to get in on it!
Friend of mine wasn't interested, at first, from reading packaging. Convinced to play about 12 months later ... within a week he had bought a secondhand copy off eBay. The game is great.

Question about applying additional effects:

Tactical Advance (3 or 4 damage; if the attack Knocks Out a target, draw a card)

This is Duryan's power attack. Is the extra bit ("if the attack ...") applied to both low and high attacks?

My group only ever applied the bits after a " ; " to high attacks, but now realise we could be wrong.

In light of other adventurers attacks, like Stahdya's power attack

Eldritch Blast (2 or 6 damage. High: target's controller loses 1 VP.)

Where it specifies high only, I think we have been playing this wrong.

Any pointers?
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