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Why does this site have so little Modern activity?  In general I like this site's community better than that of MTGSalvation, but I spend more time there because of the activity of the Modern forums.  It is easily 10 times more active, probably more, and the advice is more current and comprehensive.

What is needed to get the WizCommunity on board the Modern train?
it would be great if there was more activity on the modern board I have been waiting on some feedback on a deck that I am putting together for modern upcoming tournaments. Modern is a hard format  to try to sell to todays younger players, that and not alot of people can afford the cards needed. I just finally talked the local card shop owner into holding modern tourneys. Oh and if anyone reads this can you check out the deck idea that I have going on. It is under the modern general and the name of the post is new deck , it is a shut down concept.
I agree. MTGS always gives me bad vibes. Dunno why. 
Most everybody that frequents this forum is here for casual play, whereas MTGS has people who tend to be more competetively minded, but aren't always as good as they think.
MTGS is usually frequented more because they post spoilers before WotC does. 


I think modern ruined the possability of extended being bigger, my fnm is going to switch to extended for saturdays cause not alot of folks have the cardpool for modern. Extended is great for players wanting more from there deck without having to sell out for modern.

Learn about autocard here ==> [*c]Lightning Bolt[/*c] Remove "*" and you get Lightning Bolt. IMAGE(http://internetometer.com/image/27264.png) Keep extended alive for future generations so they dont have to sell out for modern. "If there is such a thing as too much power, I have not discovered it." —Volrath
Modern is one of my favorite formats....too bad nobody in my area really plays anymore. They kinda stopped when the Modern season for PTQs ended....most of our players just play Standard. 
Remember that one time when WotC said (Old) Extended was a format that was only played during PTQ season? Well, it hasn't changed. Now they have two dummy formats in Modern and Extended. Modern is by far the better format but the bannings made it a totally different thing to what Old Extended was, so the people who wanted that feeling no longer get it.
Honestly do you want legacy power in a modern format? I sure as **** don't want that and nether does wotc.

That's something that we have to respect as players.

So stiffing zoo and other decks I whole hardheartedly agree with.
I miss the old days.
"If you build it, they will come." 
Honestly do you want legacy power in a modern format? I sure as **** don't want that and nether does wotc.

That's something that we have to respect as players.

So stiffing zoo and other decks I whole hardheartedly agree with.

Yes. Power is good, yet in Modern [which in Old Extended, was unrestricted] is restricted. It makes for boring games, that sorta drain the life out of the format.
They want the differentiation of legacy and zoo was legacy to begin with.

Sure it may be taking the life out of the format but that's the nature of the format that's still a new born.

After a few years it should stabilize like legacy did, I read these same lines of thinking all over the web.

Instead of complaining so much like a lot of people do I say just play the game for what it is.
But then again modern is going to die just like extended did only cause of the standard card pool is just ****ing garbage.

M13 is a joke and I don't see a significant change in the meta happening, Sure tribal gets some new goodies while control and combo get nothing like usual.

They just don't want this format to get broken fast like legacy but not stupid slow like t2.
I miss the old days.
I just started sanctioning events in our area, and have decided to go with Modern as our format because it offers a midway between casual and standard, without being too harsh in either extreme.

The banned list can be detrimental to some builds, sure, but the bigger card pool means casual players can get involved, there's no risk of abusive Affinity decks, and it has less abuse than Casual where dark ritual and 4 ofs the legacy limited can become ruinsome.

Anything new takes time to take off, it is really better than people give it credit for - especially mixing Kamigawa with Innistrad for Spirit fun! 

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