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Design & Development
Dungeon Command
by Peter Lee & Kevin Tatroe

During the summer of 2010, the R&D and Brand teams talked about the next step for miniatures at Wizards of the Coast. After some initial discussion, we decided to create a new miniatures skirmish board game.

Talk about this article here. - 4e D&D house rules, homebrew, and story hours - now featuring ENWorld's Zeitgeist adventure path! Will Thibault is a winged, feathered serpent rarely found anywhere except in warm, jungle-like regions or flying through the ether. Due to his intelligence and powers he is regarded with awe by the inhabitants of his homelands and is considered to be divine.
Looking forward to the game.  Love the idea of purchasing warbands with their own mechanics.  I think the dice-rolling will be missed, though.
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