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So I dont know who came up with the idea but after Nintendo's E3 press conference dedicated to the Wii-U this picture appeared online. 

If you didnt see the presentation, basically the Wii-U gamepad allows one player to have a vastly different experience thanks to the built in screen. Which means this idea is simply brilliant as your DM can keep all the information needed to create an adventure on his gamepad screen while all the Wiimotes and the tv screen are dedicated to the PCs.

D&D has attempted to come to video games many times but generally doesnt do so well as we're not particularly interested in a game set in the D&D world so much as the idea of playing D&D enhanced by computing power and some graphical eye candy to go with the adventure. I certainly hope someone at Wizards sees this (either here or elsewhere on the web) and gets to work on a proper D&D Wii-U game. It wont be as completely unrestricted as the proper tabletop version but it will help us introduce the younger generation and maybe even be a stepping stone to converting some young blood to the freedom of table top RPs.
You must ofcourse remember, that I think Ray Kurzweil is a looney!
I didn't make the picture but I damn sure said this a year ago to my friends at work! If this happens I will be one happy gamer Smile
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