06/06/2012 BoaB: "I Ooze, You Lose"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Building on a Budget, which goes live Wednesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Hey, I actually played against you when you were using this deck this weekend. Ooze is one of my favorite decks!
There's 8 copies of Necrotic Ooze in your maindeck there Jacob... what's supposed to be that other 4-of? Possibly a 6 drop to pod into Grim Poppet?
Another invalid modern deck....
8 Necrotic Oozes. Ravenous. Baloth. In the Board. Do you even play magic still? You know what this deck really needs? More ponder.
A cool deck, but a pretty sloppy job by Jacob since 4 of the cards are irrelevant.
Didn't even notice the Ravenous Baloth at first, but yeah that isn't exactly legal in Modern now is it...
Every week I am a little hopeful that maybe just maybe the article will be good.  Then I get a decklist with not only illegal cards, but then 8 copies of a non land card.  I'm done, none of the other articles have this many mistakes in them so I have a hard time blaming the editor.  This is the final straw.  JvL no longer deserves his position on this site and I refuse to use ths site until he is gone.  One bad apple does spoil the bunch.  Sure I'll miss Rosewater's articles and Flores' but I can't take seriously a site with hacks like JvL writing for them anymore.
I like fun, but competitive decks. So I might not play what is optimal but they have normally been tested to have a 2/3 winrate.
Was like deck seems sweet. I know most people don't like JvL articles so lets see what they are saying.

Reads comments.

Checks article again.

 Really? Really? How do let these kinds of mistakes into the article. 

To be fair, I could let the Ravenous Baloth one slide since it is kind of similar to Obstinate Baloth, and a player with a long history could easily get names confused.

8 copies of Ooze, though...

Maybe it's just me, but you'd think he'd get more scrutiny. No other writer gets as much flack on these things week after week. 

That said, I think this idea is actually kind of cool, but 2 really big errors in a sort of high profile article on the main WotC site? That's a bit much. 
I don't see 8 oozes, must be fixed.  That could've easily been an editing error.

Baloth though, oops. 
This deck reminds me a lot of Conley Woods' Ooze and Oz deck from Worlds 2010. And I do think he meant Obstinate Baloth instead of Ravenous.
Yeah, the 8 ooze issue has been fixed.  I saw it too and now 4 of them have been replaced with Wall of Roots.

All in all, good deck, good article, but the execution is still lacking.  Thought I do hafta say he's definitely been getting better bit by bit since his ponder mishap. 
my goodness, so my anger over a few mistakes! i guess mistakes really piss people off.
but if you ignore the mistakes, the deck and the article seem pretty good. 
my goodness, so my anger over a few mistakes! i guess mistakes really piss people off.
but if you ignore the mistakes, the deck and the article seem pretty good. 

If it was just this week, or even once in a while, it probably wouldn't be such a thing.

However, there was a long period of time when JVL just wasn't putting out quality work. He's still paying for it. 
I have a feeling many of you have a hard time making friends.
lol...ravenous baloth should be obstinate baloth...

apart from the insanely crazy mistakes...the deck idea is pretty good
its pretty resilient except maybe darkblast and graveyard removal to make dead ooze
the deck is also very flexible to change as fauna shaman, birthing pod, and necrotic ooze offers unlimited possibilities

things that can be added:
acidic slime - tutor card

Molten-Tail Masticore
"> Molten-tail masticore - two really awsome abilities
makeshift mannequin - reuse cards
helldozer - if u have Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, its pretty fun

fun cards/abilities:
cinderhaze witch, draw/discard, unearth, fuminator mage for repeated land destruction
Finally back into modern, and with a interesting list, i hope he will give us another couple of play next week, like he did with the previus modern deck he listed.
Right now the major problem i see is TRON, any idea to deal with those deck? 
Sorry for my bad english
cool deck! glad to see the matches back up

hope JVL does a column on pauper, those are my fav articles 
Deck looks great, and it's good to see match reports again.

I'd have liked more details on "a Thornling against Jund is pretty much the most unfair thing ever". He just skimmed past what would have been a bit of fun reading. 
Using the best prices from bidwicket.com, assuming $5 shipping, free basic lands, and that Ravenous Baloth really means Obstinate Baloth:

Estimated total cost: 119.56
4 Llanowar Wastes: 4 @ 1.67; total 6.68
1 Pendelhaven: 1 @ 0.9; total 0.9
3 Treetop Village: 3 @ 0.76; total 2.28
4 Twilight Mire: 4 @ 9.25; total 37.0
4 Birds of Paradise: 4 @ 3.25; total 13.0
4 Devoted Druid: 4 @ 0.25; total 1.0
3 Elves of Deep Shadow: 3 @ 0.1; total 0.3
4 Fauna Shaman: 4 @ 2.23; total 8.92
1 Grim Poppet: 1 @ 0.45; total 0.45
1 Kitchen Finks: 1 @ 6.95; total 6.95
4 Llanowar Elves: 4 @ 0.02; total 0.08
4 Necrotic Ooze: 4 @ 0.49; total 1.96
1 Nekrataal: 1 @ 0.08; total 0.08
4 Quillspike: 4 @ 0.3; total 1.2
1 Shriekmaw: 1 @ 0.48; total 0.48
3 Thornling: 3 @ 1.7; total 5.1
4 Wall of Roots: 4 @ 0.2; total 0.8
3 Birthing Pod: 3 @ 2.35; total 7.05
4 Duress: 4 @ 0.07; total 0.28
3 Faerie Macabre: 3 @ 0.22; total 0.66
1 Hypnotic Specter: 1 @ 1.2; total 1.2
2 Krosan Grip: 2 @ 1.85; total 3.7
1 Melira, Sylvok Outcast: 1 @ 0.95; total 0.95
1 Obstinate Baloth: 1 @ 0.19; total 0.19
1 Thousand-Year Elixir: 1 @ 3.25; total 3.25
2 Viridian Shaman: 2 @ 0.05; total 0.1

"A lot of readers have asked that I bring back game reports. I've played a lot of matches with this deck and I can share a couple of them here."

Great read, thans for the article!
I gotta be honest is not that budget friendly but it seems good...... looking throught mtgo prices is much more than $120 thought 
These mistakes are really minor. As the one was already corrected, and the other is a typo.

The deck is a little pricey for me, though a huge chunk of that is in the lands. Swapping to basics doesn't look to make the deck too much harder to play smoothly. 

Interesting deck, and a fun way to abuse the Ooze.

I also liked how he skimmed useless parts in the game reports. I like the reports, but perfect detail isn't exactly needed. It basically showed that after that point, there wasn't much that mattered.

MaRo: One of the classic R&D stories happened during a Scars of Mirrodin draft. Erik Lauer was sitting to my right (meaning that he passed to me in the first and third packs). At the end of the draft, Erik was upset because I was in his colors (black-green).

He said, "Didn't you see the signals? I went into black-green in pack one."

I replied, "Didn't you see my signals? I started drafting infect six drafts ago." ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************MaRo: During a playtest, I played a Reaper from the Abyss. I attacked each turn, while my opponent would chump block (he had a lot of fliers), and then I killed a second creature. This happened until he had only one creature left. I attack, he blocked, and then the following dialogue occurred:

Him: Kill your demon. Me: What? Him: My guy died so you have to kill a creature.

Me: Yeah, but why would a demon kill himself?

Him: I don't know. He's depressed there's no one left to kill.

Me: That doesn't make any sense. Him: I don't care. It's what the card says. I then take out my pen, and wrote "non-Demon" on it.

Him: You can't do that.

Me: I redesigned him while the effect was on the stack.

Have to say, this is far from a budget list. Wouldn't be an issue except the title of the column is "Building on a Budget". While, yes, it wouldn't be hard to swap out the Twilight Mires for basic lands, the mana-fixing of the dual lands should not be underestimated. Especially with the card that the deck is built around being a different color to about 85% of the rest of the deck. 

I remember when "Building on a Budget" actually had a limit of about 30 tickets on Magic: Online.  
$120 seems pretty budget for Modern, though. The most expensive card in there is the Twilight Mire at not quite $10 each, and if we figure that the various singletons might already be part of a collection, or relatively easy to trade for...it seems pretty budget to me. Pod decks are quite nice that way, in fact.

Besides, about the only decent decks you can build for Standard with ~30 tickets are mono-green poison or goblins.
This is a cool deck and looks like a ton of fun to play. I have a cheapo Standard Birthing Pod deck that is fun when it works, and this deck looks like it would probably work better. Although... no 6-drop? There's nothing that lets you sac your Thornlings, which you really want in the graveyard. If you pull the Pod but not the Fauna Shaman, it's that much harder to fully assemble the combo. 
  I could see, in increasing cost:

  • .02 tix- Morselhoarder with an activated ability that really complements the deck

  • .03 tix- Gravetiller Wurm that comes in as an 8/8 trampler thanks to Morbid

  • .04 tix- Deadwood Treefolk that grabs something from the graveyard  as it enters and leaves the battlefield (just don't grab your combo pieces).


  I  checked the prices on CardHoarder and it looks like about $115 for this deck on MTGO. I thought that was pretty "budget" compared to most Modern decks, so I went to MTGO-Stats to see.
  The the first daily winner they have listed was a $415 Tarmogoyf deck, which made $115 look cheap. But then the next two were $130 and $110. Most cost more. I scanned past some $300 decks and then hit... $33.80? There are pauper decks that cost more than that. BOZ won a Modern Daily on June 3 with a $34 white-weenie deck list. The money card in the deck is a single Mikaeus the Lunarch, available on CardHoarder for a whopping 4 tix.
  Now, that's a budget Modern deck.

Still, JVL- cool article. Check the legality of the decklists. Keep bringing us good ideas and I like the game reports.

tldr: Cool deck, cheaper than most Modern event winners, still out of my price range.

With the new MTGO export feature, perhaps somewhere in the publishing process should come the routine of loading the deck in MTGO and checking legality.

I've thought for a while that this is probably the hardest column on the site to write, since JvL has to create decks that hold up in the meta without going to tier-1 cards, and then do it again the next week.  Maybe ReConstructed comes close now, but those deck requirements aren't as demanding and more importantly, I believe Gavin's a WotC employee while Jacob is an external contractor.  It's got to be an incredibly tough job.

But, that doesn't excuse mistakes week after week.  Pay him more so he can budget more time, or have the editors check more closely, or rotate the column to a new writer again, one who can give it focus.  Or maybe have two writers who alternate weeks, so each one only needs half as many ideas.  I just can't help shaking this recurring sense that, although Jacob is quite talented, these articles are incredibly rushed.

If you're on MTGO check out the Free Events via PDCMagic and Gatherling.

Other games you should try:
DC Universe Online - action-based MMO.  Free to play.  Surprisingly well-designed combat and classes.

Planetside 2 - Free to play MMO-meets-FPS and the first shooter I've liked in ages.
Simunomics - Free-to-play economy simulation game.

And yet, if White Weenie showed up in a JVL article, everyone and their mother would be complaining that "this isn't what BoaB is supposed to be, you're supposed to showcase rogue decks, not cheap, established archetypes!"
And yet, if White Weenie showed up in a JVL article, everyone and their mother would be complaining that "this isn't what BoaB is supposed to be, you're supposed to showcase rogue decks, not cheap, established archetypes!"

Yes, the article is "Building on a Budget."  Although both aspects are important, I care a lot more about the building part than the budget part.  The budget is mostly interesting insofar as it affects the building - as Maro likes to say, "restrictions breed creativity."  Using a budget forces JVL to dig deeper into the available cardpool, but I don't care if he also uses some more expensive cards to shore up the deck.
Thanks to everyone who helped with the design of the plane of Golamo in the Great Designer Search 2!
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But why pull out something like the Twilight Mire when Woodland Cemetary is easily available at 1/10th the cost on Magic:Online ? 

I also question the Melira in the sideboard, wondering if, after other mistakes that have been made, he's aware that it also shuts down his main combo of the Druid + Quillspike.  
I'm sure he's aware, but it's better than auto-losing to pod strategies when they pull a redcap on your a**.
Great article. As I've been avoiding Modern this was annoying cause this deck is so sweet and I have so many of these cards rotting away in my binder. After tallying what I already own (and by this point many players should have a collection of misc. sub-dual-land) I was able to complete the deck (in paper) for $35 which is what boab used to shoot for. JvL is my all time favorite article writer, Keep up the good work.