06/06/2012 Feature: "Introducing the New Store Locator"

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This thread is for discussion of this weeks's Feature Article, which goes live Wednesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
I'm sure this is nice for somebody, but I'd really like to hear if and when you plan to replace Savor the Flavor. You seem to be pushing people awfully hard into competitive events of various kinds, whether it's pro level or just FNM level as with this store locator. Is this a tacit message that people who care about flavor should be playing Legend of the Five Rings instead?
I find this new interface really slow to load and difficult to use because you have to click into so many things to get the info you want.

For example, I know where I regularly play FNM, but I want to hit up local GPTs as they come near. I go search for my city and uncheck all options other than Grand Prix Trial. I get a list of stores that I have to click on, wait for something to load, and then I just see all of that store's events! I only wanted to see GPTs, so I have to select that at the bottom, and look at the date and format for their GPT. Now I have to press Back in my browser, select the 2nd store from the list, click on the GPT option to show only those again, and write down the date and format again. After I do this for each of the closest stores, I have to manually sort these by date to know which are coming up first.
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