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hey everyone, i'm new to the site so hopfully ppl answer. i am looking ot make a primalcrux deck hopfully for a modern tournament. its not like its big or anything,just get wins and have fun. i saw a modern deck listing posted called cruxof modern and made a proxy and loved it! It did petty well vs a modern deck,an ok red burn deck, a green mana ramp deck,and a token deck. only losing to the modern deck 2 times out of about 8 games with against that modern deck.

i would like to know if i should put more than just green in for control purposes. such as white. or to make it more aggro using red?

i am starting at a new place for modern tournaments so im just keeping the sideboard i made for my last place.  Any suggestions on sideboard?

my deck list right now is:


Main Deck

60 cards

17  Forest
4  Mosswort Bridge
21 lands

4  Arbor Elf
4  Boggart Ram-Gang
4  Cloudthresher
3  Deus of Calamity
4  Joraga Treespeaker
4  Llanowar Elves
4  Primalcrux
4  Strangleroot Geist
3  Viridian Corrupter

34 creatures
1  Dismember
4  Vines of Vastwood
5 other spells


3  Creeping Corrosion
4  Great Sable Stag
4  Guttural Response
3  Dismember
1  Viridian Corrupter
15 sideboard cards

so i constantly switch between the dismembers and vines of vastwood. they both have their pros and cons. i surprisingly got good use out of the corrupters for artifact destroyers. 

so what should i add to get rid of things such as:enchantmants such as O.Rings,Pacifism,Arrest,ETC... or instant spells from other colors? i only have things that counter blue instants. i have not play tested the Sable stag either. creeping corrosion is ok its just so high in cost. i wanted to also know  if there are any CREATURES that can destroy enchantments for a low cost. so like a naturalize but itd s creature maybe for 1 more mana. 

I'm very srry for the long as heck post. it's my first forum and i have alot of questions.