Standardized Trail Rations

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For those of you who might be interested I have "standardized" the trail rations in my home campaign. A standard "trail ration" kit consists of:

8 oz of Hard Tack (about 836 calories)
3 oz of Beef Jerky (about 300 calories)
5 oz of "Trail Mix" consisting of various nuts and dried/candied fruits (about 655 calories)

The total weight of these items is 16 oz, or 1 lb. The hardtack and jerky are stored in prepared cloths which are kept in a waterproofed pouch along with the "trail mix". One day's worth of rations provides about 1800 calories, which is enough to keep a character from starving but does not satisfy a PCs nutritional needs for extended periods of time. If a character subsists on trail rations for more than 3-5 days he may have to make Endurance checks, the failure of which imposes certain penalties (at the DMs discretion).

The caloric values are based on modern day recreations of older recipes, but appear to be fairly sound.

Note that the jerky is not what you'd buy at the supermarket, which is cooked and designed to be fairly moist. The jerky included here is not cooked, but salted and thoroughly dried. It is NOT pleasant (though it is possible) to eat this jerky without reconstituting it in boiling water, with the added bonus of having a thin gravy with which to soften the hard tack. A vessel (such as an iron cooking pot) would be an ideal accompaniment to your gear for this purpose.

Hope someone can benefit from this. Enjoy.