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1st Edition DMG Excerpts:
by Bart Carroll

In this preview of the 1st Edition re-release of the Dungeon Master's Guide, we explore a sampling of the wealth of advice offered inside. From the chapter on running campaigns.

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i wish they hadnt changed the font
"Unlike most games, AD&D is an ongoing collection of episode adventures, each of which constitutes a session of play"

It's amazing how often this gets ignored. It's a key into the playstyle that informs many of the mechanics and a significant portion of the other advice in AD&D - the notion that an adventure is a fixed game element, that it is begun, played, and finished in a single session of play. An adventure and a session are, in some ways, synonymous. You start your session at a home base, you plan the adventure, you attempt to achieve it, and you return to home base at the end of the session.
This has its limits, as does any playstyle. It also has a few unique advantages. The most obvious, and in my opinion, most gratifying, is that this playstyle lets you play D&D with whoever happens to show up that night. It lets you play it as a game, with a defined beginning, middle, and end. It lets you bring in new players easily, without requiring that they commit to months of campaign play. It allows people to play D&D as a casual game, and thus expands the playerbase enormously. I'd love to see a couple paragraphs, and maybe a rules module or two, devoted to reviving this alternative playstyle in DDN.
i wish they hadnt changed the font

Wow, I hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it. I thought this release was supposed to be a scan of a pristine original they had. If this is not exactly the same as my original I will be extremely unimpressed.
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