Gang up as a solution to lack of flanking?

What if creatures gained advantage against their foes when 2+ allies (3 team members total) are adjacent to the target? A grid would not be needed and it would give a mechanical advantage to teaming up against a foe. It also helps prevent abuse of the move in strike and move away mechanics that currently exist.

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I like the idea, but it overlaps with the goblin / kobold racial advantages (which are too powerful by far anyway.) 
That sounds like a good starting point to an idea but there needs to be something else there to make it workable.  D&D is a game where routinely the heroes have multiple opponents on them.  It would come up far too often and make horde battles too deadly. 

As I said it is a good start, it just needs something to soften it. 
Given that ganging up on individual targets is already a tactic greatly favored by the rules as they are, I'm not sure any sort of extra mechanical bonus for doing so is needed.
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