After 2 Sessions of Caves of Chaos...

We are having a blast!

Our first session was a bit lacklustre due to people being pretty tired, myself included. Only one of our group has ever played 2E, the rest are diehard 3.5/Pathfinder players. I have dabbled a bit in 4E, but only for one campaign. I had 7 players for the first session (doubling up on Fighter and Rogue), and 6 players for the second. It took a bit of adjustment to a Gygaxian dungeon, but once things got up and running we were fine.

We started in a small village library, but the party quickly moved to the pub next door. A bit of RP to introduce themselves (one of the halflings is a mute, who communicates just by writing notes!), and they set off for adventure. They were surprised by the kobolds outside area A, and the solution for the mute halfling was to hide in the cave mouth. A lucky reflex save spared him from the pit trap. The Wizard and Fighter were a bit bemused at thier Autokill attacks, so the first combat was basically just a cleanup. Upon entering the cave proper, they attracted the kobolds from the guard station and spent this combat taking pot shots over the pit. Both fighters fell into the pit and proceeded to sart drinking heavily (most of the party is drunk by this stage.) After the pit was disarmed the rats attacked. Rolling with advantage for 18 rats is painful. I do hope they change the advantage mechanic for monsters, because I can't cope with rolling that many dice to be honest. After killing the rats they took a short rest, healed up a bit and moved on. The session ended when they could hear the sound of about 40 Kobolds coming from the common chamber.

I'll post the second session later on, with rules feedback too.