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I have been playing magic for many years now and I wish to get started into Modern. Like Standard i looked at the "top" modern decks and they all are basically the same type of decks. I would like to build a competitive deck. I would like to build a deck around Porphyry Nodes, Mirror Entity and Leyline of the void (if you could even build a competitive deck around them) but i dont even know what else would go well with them. Any ideas are well accepted. I tend to be a green player but it looks like green isn't amazing in modern... If anyone could help with deck suggestions or ideas that would be great. Even if you scrap the 3 cards I mentioned above any ideas are well accepted. Thanks!
green is actually pretty popular in modern for many deck types. mana accelartion for Emrakul, the Aeons Torn or for my personal favorite modern deck primalcrux and the most common that i know of right now is a MeliraPod deck using Melira, Sylvok Outcast which is a very competative green deck in modern atm.

i'm assuming u are using  Porphyry Nodes for keeping the opponents creatures off the field, correct?
 the only problem i see with the three cards is that Nodes is at the beginning of ur upkeep and Mirror Entity is after upkeep so i dont know how it will work. and if u go up against more mana acceleration decks u will be the one losing creatures cause opponents will be pulling things like primalcrux,Emrakul, Aeons Torn, Cloudthresher, and Khalni Hydra. then it makes ur deck usless unless u run things such as doom blade or go for the throat

so i would reccomend lookinf more into modern decks. r u trying to make a budget modern or willing to shell out some cash caus emodern can be pretty expensive for a really competative deck.  

some decks i find fun though are primalcrux decks. there was a post called crux to modern on a website that was a budget deck. i have yet improved it with my own flavor of cards. MeliraPod is fun, red-green-white acelerated Emrakrul decks are fun in modern.

if u are against doing green though i hear reanimator decks do pretty nicly in modern but i cant vouche for this and splinter twin decks(tokens deck as far as i know) took 2nd at quite a few modern tournaments i have been to recently.

srry if i dont really answer ur question by giving u card choices. i dont see how ur deck could run amazingly efficiantly in modern. but i could bewrong. the decks that first made it to modern ppl probably thought would suck in a modern tournament till they tried it out so who knows. maybe give some examples of how u would like to run it. 
i dont see any interaction that would be useful.....What if they play a creatureless deck? then your whole strategy is useless..
What deck you play in Modern is more of a question of how much you are willing to invest in Modern, for me I am working on a budget so I decided to build "the best budget deck" in Modern which is Egg's. If you are a green mage I know of a couple of green decks that are in Modern Melira-Pod is the most popular, Elves combo is another deck and if you got money to burn Jund.