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I have been playing magic for many years now and I wish to get started into Modern. Like Standard i looked at the "top" modern decks and they all are basically the same type of decks. I would like to build a competitive deck. I would like to build a deck around Porphyry Nodes, Mirror Entity and Leyline of the void (if you could even build a competitive deck around them) but i dont even know what else would go well with them. Any ideas are well accepted. I tend to be a green player but it looks like green isn't amazing in modern... If anyone could help with deck suggestions or ideas that would be great. Even if you scrap the 3 cards I mentioned above any ideas are well accepted. Thanks!
green isnt amazing? Without tarmogoyf i dont know what else would be included into g/u builds. The good thing about modern is that it is a new meta and many new decks can be created.  This results in (if you have ever looked at ptq results) in a wider variety of contest winning decks.  At one tournament you may see an exarch twin deck take 1st 4th and 8th but then in another exarch twin may not even make it to top 8.  If you want to try to make your own deck with components not usually seen than you may have an advantage over unprepared metas.

As for your card choice i dont know how to keep the creatures in check.  The only way i could think is to use token generators and then have buff spells put on your opponents creatures which green is chalk full of.

Right now the competitive decks that are on the top of my head are: exarch twin combo, abuzing splinter twin and similar copy effects to make copys of creature untappers and swing ftw with a lot of creatures and such.  Another deck is red/ blue storm using the usual storm strategy to create a twenty damage grapeshot or empty the warrens.  Another underated combo deck is eggs,  a really hard deck to play but has a pretty consistant combo.  Pyromancer ascension decks are also pretty good.  Affinity is an easy deck to start on also and the cards are pretty easy to come by.  Mono blue infect has seen some results with blazing shoal removing a progenitus from their hand to pump a blighted agent and swing for 11 infect.
Modern is actually a very diverse format right now, so it is kinda meta-dependant what you will face.  One meta may be littered with Delver tempo decks, and another may be lousy with Splinter Twin combo decks.  A recent breakdown of event top 8 appearances and wins shows at least 6 different decks that are sharing the Tier 1 spot.

The thing is there are some basic things you will have to look out for.  Your deck should have a way to deal with:
Graveyard plays
Weenie rush
Fast Combo
Land dependant strategies

I would also suggest you visit some other sites.  This site, for some reason, has never had much activity in the Moden forum, so your help is liable to be suspect and only from a couple of posters.  MTGSalvation has MANY daily Modern posts still, even though it is off-season, and it very active when Modern is on the Pro Tour.
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