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Presenting THOR !/!?!?!!  ---   (a sketch from his past, romping through Jotunheimr...)

(And in epic, he gets the one and only Hammer of Thunderbolts artifact AKA 'Mjolnir', but I digress)

Any suggestions?  (Copied from DPR Kings thread...)

====== Created by Me ======
Thor, level 12
Half-Elf, Ranger|Warden, First Hunter
Hybrid Warden Option: Hybrid Warden Will
Hybrid Ranger Option: Hybrid Ranger Reflex
Background: TBD
Theme: Feybeast Trainer    ---   Thor travels around with lots of pets
Feybeast Trainer Pet: Young Owlbear
Hybrid Talent Option: Warden's Armored Might
Guardian Might Option: Earthstrength ???
Half-Elf Power Selection Option: Dilettante

STR 18, CON 22, DEX 09, INT 11, WIS 14, CHA 11

STR 15, CON 17, DEX 08, INT 10, WIS 13, CHA 10

AC: 28 Fort: 24 Ref: 21 Will: 21
HP: 102 Surges: 13 Surge Value: 25



Dilettante: Grappling Spirits (may use as RBA)
Ranger Attack: Rapid Shot (through Archery Mastery)
Warden at-will 1: Weight of Earth
Hybrid encounter 1: TBD
Hybrid daily 1: Form of TBD
Ranger utility 2: Invigorating Stride
Hybrid encounter 3: TBD
Ranger daily 5: Spitting Cobra Stance
Hybrid utility 6: Third Wind
Hybrid encounter 7: TBD
Hybrid daily 9: TBD
Hybrid utility 10: TBD
First Hunter Attack 11: First Hunter's Spear
First Hunter Utility 12: Marked Prey

Level 1: Hybrid Talent
Level 2: Bludgeon Expertise
Level 4: Archery Mastery
Level 6: Adept Dilettante
Level 8: Crippling Crush
Level 11: Versatile Master
Level 11: Primal Eye
Level 12: Icy Heart

Bracers of the Perfect Shot (heroic tier) x1
Eagle Eye Goggles (paragon tier) x1
Siberys Shard of Merciless Cold (paragon tier)
Amulet of Protection +2 x1
Frozen Whetstone (heroic tier) x18
Magic Hide Armor +1 x1
Magic Warhammer +3 x1
Gloves of Ice (paragon tier) x1
Heavy Shield x1
====== End ======

Set up is to move young owlbear next to group of enemies to provide combat advantage.  Then bombard with Rapid Shot Grappling Spirits RBA's with the thrown magic warhammer (able to throw with First Hunter feature).  Any enemy hit gets slowed by the RBA's triggering Crippling Crush bonus.  Adept Dilettante lets Thor use his Constitution modifier to determine bonuses to attack and damage rolls.  Invigorating Stride can heal owlbear and Thor via Second Wind in a pinch as a shift 2 encounter move action.

Rapid Shot, RBA Magic Warhammer:
+6 - half level
+6 - Con (Adept Dilettante Grappling Spirits)
+2 - Prof 
+3 - Enhancement
+2 - Expertise
+2 - CA
+2 - First Hunter
+2 - Eagle Eye Goggles 
-2 - Rapid Shot

+23 vs AC

Damage Per attack:
+5.5 - Average warhammer damage
+3 - Enhancement
+6 - Con - Adept Dilettante Grappling Spirits
+6 - Con - Crippling Crush Grappling Spirits
+4 - Str - Primal Eye
+6 - Con - First Hunter RBA
+2 - Whetstone
+3 - Icy Heart
+2 - Gloves of Ice
+2 - Bracer of Perfect Shot
+3 - Dragon Shard
+2 - Owlbear Aura


Crit Damage:
44.5 + 4.5 (max weapon die) + 10.5 (average of 3d6) = 59.5

Average DPR per attack = (.85*44.5) + (.05*59.5) = 40.8 (to each target in 3x3 Rapid Shot box).

I plan to level up Thor at higher levels.  All in all this is 3x Con + Str modifier for the 3x3 RBA box.  I am really interested in grabbing several warden guardian forms and picking up a Maw of the Guardian for a typical fourth Con modifier boost.  I plan to take Crushing Guardian feat for another +2/3/4 untyped damage for hammer attacks and will likely take Crushing Earthstrength for a fifth Con modifier boost when activating Second Wind from Invigorating Stride (with an AP until EoNT that could be 3 boosted Rapid shot-Grappling Spirits attacks with Conx5 + Str modifier).  This makes for a highly focused schtick, even without the base Hunter's Quarry/Prime Shot striker bonuses.

I need to shore up defenses starting with Improved Defenses, too.  A high Adept Dilettante off-stat (Constitution) is desirable to offset the -2 penalty from Rapid Shot attacks (but did I gimp Str too much?).

Any suggestions for power selection and future progression? (Destined Scion is also an appealing ED but there are plenty to pick from!) 

I could also retrain the theme (later) if something better's available... Would like to steer Thor more towards the thunder/lightning direction, too.

Reserved...  Feel free to post.
Wouldn't a storm warpriest make more sense? 
Or even more appropriately, a Stormborn Barbarian?
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Thor likes to throw hammers.  Big hammers.  A lot.  I envisioned him more as an AoE striker, with his warhammer ricocheting off multiple giant skulls (fluff for Rapid Shot).  Even with basic RBA's anything he hits gets partially 'dazed'/banged up (okay slowed is the actual status effect).  All bow before the might of Thor (especially if allies pick up World (Midgard) Serpents Grasp).  Rangers are practically unique in the sense that they get AoE ranged weapon attacks (second in number only to seeker, which Thor is multi-classed in... think of them as mini 'thunder' bursts). And rangers can self-spam more basic attacks (retribution) with their powers than any other class.  I wanted to build Thor in a way that he pounds frequently, and hard with ranged hammer attacks.

I don't think mythology portays him as a divine caster so much (other than being a god!).  Iirc, Thor of the original Dieties and Demigods also had levels of ranger, too.  First Hunter PP reinforces a more rustic background and provides one of only two ways for him to throw big. generic warhammers. as weapons. (the other non-magic item specific way requires Artificer of Gond, which is 'magicky' too...Thor doesn't bow to Gond and relies on primal strength alone that not even barbarians can replicate (via Hurl Weapon feat)).  As I hinted in the intro, (reuniting with THE) Hammer of Thunderbolts ('Mijolnir' refluffed) is a life quest for him.  Maybe he gets it, maybe not, but that's his aim.

In epic he could pick up Reincarnate Champion for barbarian stuff.  Avatar of Storm is perhaps more attractive (+2 Con and Str boosts) but requires Channel Divinity, which he ain't getting since it invalidates his 'Rain of Hammers' at-will schtick.  Warden personifies sheer toughness (which Thor is), and that toughness represents power amplified through his attacks.  Warden's have a number of thunder (14) and lightning (15) warden powers to pick from too, including some storm-themed guardian forms.

Honestly I want to get away from cold support if there's something equivalent.  Possibly tempest whetstones, and later means to add thunder or lightning to attacks.  Any suggestions to do that (other than that artifact)?
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