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I've been mulling over a deck that seemed pretty fun but I wanted other people's opinions. I'll be testing a list this friday just to see how it runs. I also apologize in advance for not having a land-base prepared so if anyone would like to help with that, it's greatly appreciated.

Rootbound Crag
3 Copperline Gorge
1 Sunpetal Grove
Razorverge Thicket
Clifftop Retreat
2 Kessig Wolf Run
2 Inkmoth Nexus
1 Evolving Wilds
4 Mountain
3 Forest
2 Plains

4 Birds of Paradise
3 Blade Splicer
Huntmaster of the Fells
Restoration Angel
1 Solemn Simulacrum
3 Inferno Titan
2 Primeval Titan
1 Gisela, Blade of Goldnight

4 Rampant Growth
Sphere of the Suns
1 Oblivion Ring
2 Slagstorm
2 Bonfire of the Damned

Galvanic Blast
Pillar of Flame
2 Rachet Bomb
Revoke Existence
1 Slagstorm
2 Oblivion Ring
2 Day of Judgment
1 Acidic Slime

Allstar of the deck is Inferno Titan in my opinion because he's awesome and the flicker capability with him makes for a mean amount of damage running around on tokens, delver, etc.
Prime **** is just himself and Gisela is there as a stabilizer similar to Elesh (I didn't want to shell out for elesh even though she's staying in for like 6 more months).

Obviously the main tech for this deck is the Restoration angel and cloudshift so i'd prefer to leave them in but cloudshifts I think would be the first I want to drop if there's something more worth it that I'm missing.

Finally, Sideboard tech is another thing I need help with. My meta consists of a few WWR decks, a lot of delver variants and such, and a few other token decks if anyone would like to help with that.
sorry for the double post, didn't really want to edit the original. I forgot to mention that my budget isn't too low. I can easily grab dual lands where needed and I can definitely grab elesh, etc etc. Bonfires might be out of the question but any suggestions are welcome.
Conjurer's Closet might warrant an appearance with all that ramp.


dropped Acidic Slime for a Solemn in the main deck. Acidic will probably make an appearance in the SB.
Sadly, a bump in hopes of some comments, etc.
with all the birds, solemn and sphere's you have.

Venser, the Sojourner shouldn't be too greedy as a 1 or 2 of. 
The finished list is up. I'll hopefully be testing it this friday. It runs pretty smoothly as far as the mana base goes. Any critique is welcome!

@Pokemafia: Venser wouldn't be too greedy considering the amount of ramp i have, i'm just not playing blue. Thanks though haha!

looks pretty good, the closet should be in there for sure!

for a blinky blinky deck, it doesn't have a lot of blink.
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