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hey everyone, i'm new to the site so hopfully ppl answer. i am looking ot make a primalcrux deck hopfully for a modern tournament. its not like its big or anything,just get wins and have fun. i saw a modern deck listing posted called cruxof modern and made a proxy and loved it! It did petty well vs a modern deck,an ok red burn deck, a green mana ramp deck,and a token deck. only losing to the modern deck 2 times out of about 8 games with against that modern deck.

i would like to know if i should put more than just green in for control purposes. such as white. or to make it more aggro using red?

my deck list right now is:


Main Deck

60 cards

17  Forest
4  Mosswort Bridge
21 lands

4  Arbor Elf
4  Boggart Ram-Gang
4  Cloudthresher
3  Deus of Calamity
4  Joraga Treespeaker
4  Llanowar Elves
4  Primalcrux
4  Strangleroot Geist
3  Viridian Corrupter
34 creatures

1  Dismember
4  Vines of Vastwood
5 other spells


3  Creeping Corrosion
4  Great Sable Stag
4  Guttural Response
3  Dismember
1  Viridian Corrupter
15 sideboard cards

so i constantly switch between the dismembers and vines of vastwood. they both have their pros and cons. i surprisingly got good use out of the corrupters for artifact destroyers. 

so what should i add to get rid of things such as:enchantmants such as O.Rings,Pacifism,Arrest,ETC... or instant spells from other colors? i only have things that counter blue instants. i have not play tested the Sable stag either. creeping corrosion is ok its just so high in cost. i wanted to also know  if there are any CREATURES that can destroy enchantments for a low cost. so like a naturalize but itd s creature maybe for 1 more mana.

I'm very srry for the long as heck post. it's my first forum and i have alot of questions.
It's a cool looking deck, and I also thought about a Primalcrux deck for a while, just never got around to it Undecided

You probably want khalni hydra because he's khalni hydra Laughing

I also suggest splashing white for light from within (more chroma) but also because then going W/G for wilt-leaf cavaliers and wilt-leaf liege, plus oversoul of dusk becoming awesome: cheap beaters than will pump your primalcrux.

The best creature I can think of off the top of my head for enchantment destruction would be acidic slime.

Hope some of this helps!
thnx so would u reccommend playing with naturalize? And i new about the slime i was just looking for something cheaper(mana-wise)
i was just talking to my brother about putting all those creatures in cause we were just on tcg and saw them :D what would you replace for those cards though? Because i have run quite a few games with this proxy deck and i love all the creatures. should maybe i make a 2nd proxy with white splash and if so which creatures should i replace?
i'm also curious to whether r not there are any cheap counter spells in green or i guess white also now. such as guttural response but against other colors. so to counter deathmark go for the throat and other cards. such as that.
vs targeted removal you have Autumn's Veil and Vines of Vastwood, only counter from the top of my head is Mana Tithe, though Cauldron Haze might help vs mass removal.
thnx i jsut so happen to have 3-4 Autumn's Veil laying around. i'm not sure i want mana tithe because i will have to add white mana. is running dual lands a good way of adding some mono white cards in that arent expensive? and 2 color mana cards(the slash mana in the cost srry i dont know what it's called) i also found avoid fate which looks like exactly like what i want for 1 green mana. An other option is to give all my permanents hexproof with Privileged Position which gives my primalcrux yet another addition to his power and protects him when i bring him in possibly. and so i don't keep annoying ppl with my long posts and questions i will conclude with 1 last card question.

Are these good/viable cards in modern that also helps my big creatures: Vexing Shusher and Krosan Grip
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