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I am putting together a new deck for modern format and no it is not an affinity deck so any suggestions besides affinity would be helpful


2 darkslick shores
4 drowned catacomb
2 ghost quarter
4 glacial fortess
3 island
4 plains
3 swamp


4 etherium sculptor
4 master of etherium
3 meddling mage
3 spellskite
3 tidehollow sculler


2 cranial plating
3 disenchant
2 isochron scepter
3 killing wave
3 oblivion ring
3 path to exile
3 pithing needle
2 vapor snag

3 cloudshift
3 duress
2 entreat the angels
3 ornithopter
2 surgical extraction
2 temporal mastery

I am not to sure about temporal mastery not a big fan of miracle only miracle that I think is worth the money is entreat the angels I think it is a good card even without miracle
I think that I found a card to replace temporal mastery just kind of threw it in there but did some searching and found angel's mercy which is a split-second spell which I think would be a good anti-storm
sorry I meant angel's grace
Your deck is a little bit out-there, so it is hard to judge without seeing it in action.  It seems like you are packing too many things in to one deck, it just seems like a weird approach to an Artifact Blue control deck.  I am also having a hard time seeing you Plan A, as nothing seems consistent enough for that- for instance if you want to lock down the game with spells on a stick then you should be running 4x and/or some way to tutor for it.  A couple of recomendations spring to mind, however.

Medling Mage- This is slightly better than others, but spells of this kind are not great in a diverse format like modern.  Decks have to be able to handle a lot of different threats, which mage can, but it also means that your opponent is going to be able to play around anything you name.  I have tried it, but it felt too reactive and slow.

Disenchant is just not a good MD card.  It will be dead quite often.

I am wondering if your deck is budget, because you are missing some obvious cards that a blue artifact deck should have:

Vedalken Shackles- This card is seriously oppressive and controling, and very very effective.

Etched Champoin-Affinity runs this because it gets damage through and stops damage very well, and there is no reason why you should not.

Thoughtcast- This is an amazing draw spell if you are running a ton of artifacts.

Damnation- if you want sweep then this is it.  The best plan B is Black Sun's Zenith, in my opinion, and Killing Wave seems kinda hit and miss.

There are a few cards that I like, that are not so obvious or popular:

Spire Golem- This only works if you get some shocklands for your Mana Base, and frankly I think your base needs a little tuning.  Last I looked Watery Grave was one of the cheaper shocks (about $20 a pop), and if you get some 4 fetches (Marsh Flats are about $10 a pop) you should be able to gave the mana you need and still have most of them be islands.

Stoic Rebuttal- This could be amazing if you want to use some counters.

I'm sorry if this comes off as me tearing your deck to pieces, but it just feels like almost every card choice is really Rogue.  Rogue works when it also has some speed and consistency, but I am not seeing it in your deck.
If you are playing with Etherium Sculptor, there isn't any reason NOT to run the artifact lands in your appropriate colors.


Except that they are banned in modern :/
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