Fully Xbow Alchemical Artificier - Need help!

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to build a Dwarf Artificier that would use crossbows and a lot of consumables like alchemical ammunitions. I know it's really not the best to max out this class, but I would not want it to not even be able to hit or do **** even if I think the idea is pretty cool.

So, is there any feat suggestion I should take? I checked the Artificer manual for maxing him out and the only conclusion I get is : do not do this. I think it can be fun to play, so here it is.

Oh and is there a feat that can make me take an OA when my melee teammates take one? If so, Alchemical Opportunist could be nice to have! 

Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge! 

 This is a CharOp question and should be in that forum rather than general discussion - you won't get any better answers here than there... They can tell you how to build it the best way possible.

 (And yes, there isn't really all that much you can do to make this an effective character in combat...)


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Acknoledged! Thx for the tip!