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Whats a good card that lets your creatures gain vigilance. It has to be black blue or colorless. Thankyou.
Avacyn's Collar is a decent vigilance-giving thing.
Ghostly Touch can give pseudo-vigilance if you use the trigger to untap the creature.
Sword of Vengeance gives vigilance, among other things.

Vigilance is very much so a white ability, so the number of non-white things that have it or grant it is very low.
Murkfiend Liege? There's a few other effects along those lines, but they're almost solely in green, I believe.

EDIT: Angel's Trumpet (with Dolmen Gate for extra fun). 
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Serra's Blessing is the best in my opinion but you're not playign white
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Serra's Blessing is great if you are not playing standard

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My community draft experiment with DTK/DTK/FRF is concluded now. If you want to, you can check it out and maybe build some decks from the pools. I've already build my own take on that.


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