Why does the new character builder not include racial powers in the racial description window?

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In the old downloadable character builder, when you scrolled through the different races to select them, their racial powers were displayed in the window as you selected each race.

In the new character builder, it only mentions the racial power. You then have to open a book, or the Compendium, or the character sheet to see what that power is. This is needless inconvenience when a player is trying to select a race for his new character.
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Sadly that's how it is.
The new online CB is fulled of problems and occasional bugs ($%"#ing Silverlight).

The only consolation I can offer is that there is a link to the relevant article in the Compendium at the bottom of the section. If you're looking at the races, it'll link you to that race in the Compendium directly.

Sorry bro.
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