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I am going to my first block tournament at my local game store. I am playing Paul Rietzls deck from the GP. Rietzl said that he figured out the sideboard, so I think it is important that I get it right. Thx in advance.

4  Cavern of Souls
4  Clifftop Retreat
7  Mountain
9  Plains
24 lands

4  Champion of the Parish
3  Cloistered Youth
2  Fiend Hunter
4  Hellrider
1  Lightning Mauler
1  Mikaeus, the Lunarch
4  Silverblade Paladin
4  Stromkirk Noble
23 creatures

3  Brimstone Volley
1  Devil's Play
4  Gather the Townsfolk
4  Midnight Haunting
1  Rally the Peasants
13 other spells

1  Divine Deflection
2  Fiend Hunter
1  Geist-Honored Monk
1  Nevermore
2  Pillar of Flame
1  Purify the Grave
2  Riders of Gavony
1  Slayers' Stronghold
2  Thraben Heretic
2  Zealous Conscripts
15 sideboard cards
Does anyone know anything about Boros? I could use a little help, please.
No, I can't really help you as I don't play with Boros, I play against it alot though. I mainly play Zombies and they are usually bringing in Riders of Gavony and Purify the Grave against me, other than that I can't really say much else. I guess the deck doesn't want to deviate too much away from its original plan post side board so I wouldn't change too much after each game, as your bestr route to victory is still T1 Champion T2 Gather T3 Silverblade T4 Hellrider, and you don't want to be sideboarding any of those cards out.
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