Taking my players to The Elemental Chaos. What should I be reading?

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In the next campaign I'll be running (Paragon to Epic) I'll have my players going into The Elemental Chaos and possibly also The Abyss.

Aside from the info already in the original DMG, what other books or articles should I be looking at for lore and recommendations on encounters and terrain?
I remember reading somewhere that there was a shard of pure evil in the elemental chaos you might already know that but it's just an idea if no one else has any. :P
The Manual of the Planes is quite good, and there's a whole 4e book dedicated to the Elemental Chaos.

It's a fairly unusual setting, so I can't really think of any books or movies to suggest for inspiration.

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

Aside from the DMG, I've been looking into:
-Manual of the Planes
-The Plane Below, Secrects of The Elemental Chaos
-Heroes of The Elemental Chaos

I think I'll have all I need with these books though if any of you know of adventures into The Elemental Chaos published in Dungeon Magazine, that would be most helpful.
For more on the Abyss, and its inhabitants, you could check out Demonomicon.
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