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Lorrick Bane
, being my first character--and the fact was that I just wanted to start playing ASAP--was put together rather quick. 

He is a metallic emerald Dragonborn Paladin, lawful good alignment.

I wrote up his background as having humble beginnings, losing his parents to Tiefling bandits, avenging their deaths and saving a small village from the group of brigands. As such, he has a grudge against Tieflings and cruel beings who pray on the helpless.

His personality however, was left to be made. It took only a few encounters with NPCs for it to come together.

He is proud, generous, kind, and rather hot-headed and impatient at times, especially when dealing with disrespectful bigots and so on.

Among his current companions, he only calls one of them friend: the Eladrin Ranger Lolli.

Though the Eladrin is a rather strange one, Bane prefers him to the Tiefling Leopold as he is a sadistic demon.            

Among Lorrick's hobbies are traveling, drinking mead (preferrably of Dwarven or Drueger make), and  socializing with warriors of all walks of life--except Drow and Goblins, the first he believes to be a bunch of sexist bigots, and the second to be a race of perverted vile vermin. 
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Well, this is the right place if you're looking for his mechanical side. But yes, background info and story development does indeed belong in CharDev.
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