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I seem to be stuck in a horrible state of indecisiveness. I know that I want to build a Human deck. I don't know what the best colors for that theme are.

I could go the seemingly standard W/G route and have 4 copies each of Sunpetal Grove, Razorverge Thicket, and Cavern of Souls (although with that many non-basic lands I might have to cut back on Groves, especially if I run any Gavony Township). Green would give me Avacyn's Pilgrim for some ramp, Mayor of Avabruck as a Lord and anti-control beater, and Champion of Lambholt to make a very large unblockable army. Increasing Devotion is a very nasty spell with both Champions on the table.

The other option is to go W/R. Red gives me access to wonderful burn spells such as Pillar of Flame and Red Sun's Zenith that exile creatures to stop undying shenanigans, and Bonfire of the Damned to clear the opponents board while leaving mine intact. Red also gives Thatcher Revolt which combos nicely with Goldnight Commander and Champion of the Parish. Lastly, you can use Zealous Conscripts to yank something away from the opponent.. particularly useful against a Planeswalker that is set to ultimate in a turn.

Technically, I suppose you could tri-color the deck, but there's just too many good cards to include them all.

Would anyone be kind enough to offer me any suggestions or point out things I might not have taken into consideration? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
I have considered both combinations, and my friends and I have come up with this decklist which has been doing very well so far.

3 Cavern of Souls
1 Forest
2 Gavony Township
9 Plains
4 Razorverge Thicket
4 Sunpetal Grove

4 Champion of the Parish
3 Doomed Traveler
2 Fiend Hunter
3 Grand Abolisher
3 Hero of Bladehold
4 Mayor of Avabruck
4 Silverblade Paladin If Wolf Run Ramp still ha a big presence in your meta, use Mirran Crusader instead.
3 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

Non-Creature Spells
2 Garruk Relentless
4 Gather the Townsfolk
3 Oblivion Ring
2 Sword of War and Peace
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Actually UW humans can be a very good deck especially the pike version. Its basically a delver shell but with more humans. Heres what ive been working on.

  Cavern of Souls x2
Glacial Fortress x4
Moorland Haunt x2
Seachrome Coast x1
Plains x6
  Island x6

Delver of Secrets x4
Champion of the Parish x4 
Invisible Stalker x2
Snapcaster Mage x3
Geist of Saint Traft x2
Restoration Angel x1

Instants & Sorceries
Ponder x4
Thought Scour x4
Gather the Townsfolk x4
Mana Leak x3
Vapor Snag x4
Mass Appeal x1


Runechanter's Pike x2
Sword of War and Peace x1

This is basically a Delver structure deck in terms of instants/sorceries. Im only running 2 caverns because more will interfere with the mana base as it does not provide colored mana for instants and sorceries. I didnt commit to 4 mana leaks mainly because cavern of souls is a card. Other than that the deck work quite well. Basically you just Thought scour yourself to feed the yard while drawing a card. Mill a creature? Moorland Haunt lets you make use of it. Mill a spell? Snapcaster can flash it back or they will just power up the pike. The Invisible Stalker is a great candidate for carrying the equipment because they most likey have to take what is coming at them.

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R/W is the way to go. You get Lightning Mauler , Zealous Conscripts, burn, and, my personal favorite, Kessig Malcontents. and possibly Thatcher Revolt.
Imagine this Scenario:
T1- Champion of the Parish!
T2- Kruin Striker, Champ up to 2, swing. (18)
T3- Thatcher Revolt- Striker- 5/1, Champ, 5/5, wing for 13 (5)
T4- Attack, burn if needed.

Game over.
Plus R/W is just so much fun to play.
Whatever you decide to run, good luck!         
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