New player in Dartmouth/Halifax, Nova Scotia area looking for practice

I've just gotten back into Magic for the first time in about a decade. Been playing Duels / Duels 2012 and decided it'd be good to get back into it. For now I've just got a modified intro deck, some extra cards, but I'm currently building what I think is a pretty damn solid monogreen deck. Anyway, if you're in the Dartmouth/Halifax, NS area, I'd love to get some practice in and discuss the game and whatever else. I'm pretty chill and easy to get along with...there won't any table flipping haha. Leave a comment if you're interested.
Feel free to join us, just across the bridge on the Halifax side of things. Tonight at 7. We play casual MTG with old and new cards. MSG me if you're interested!! (We're a couple blocks from the Quantum Frontier store)
Sweet. Sent you a PM.
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