How are attack modifiers calculated on the pre-made characters?

I was looking at the Halfling Rogue and he has an attack bonus of +5 with his dagger.  +3 of this bonus if from his Dex but where is the other +2 coming from? I see nothing on his sheet that justifies the other +2.  Another example is the Wizard.  He has a +6 bonus to Ray of Frost and Shocking Grasp.  +3 is obviously from his Int mod and anothe +2 he automatically gets when casting spells but what is the other +1 from that makes it a +6 overall?

Thanks in advance! 
It's most likely a class bonus. It's gonna stay the same for a while so you start with an attack bonus of +2 as a function of class like the BAB. We'll see how it works in the next packet so they say.
Yep, there's a unnamed +2 in there for one reason or another.  They've said the sheets are correct, even though all the rules aren't on there.

Not sure why they didn't put all the rules on the sheet, maybe they thought we wouldn't notice?  Perhaps they didn't realize we've been double checking everyone's math on their character sheets for years now  
We noticed that too. Our guess was that it could perhaps come from simply having proficiency in that weapon/spell. But, there again, comes the problem that no matter how much we guess, or how intelligent our guesses are, this really is important. And it's not explained, as far as any of us can tell.

Vagueness is fine, up to a point. Sure, you can just let the DMs disambiguate and make rules calls. But this? Where are these numbers coming from? This is the opposite. It's not that there's no rule, so the DM can make a call; it's that there clearly IS a rule, we just don't know it. And that is a problem. Because once we're on our own, without pre-made characters and so on, we'll really, really have to know what our attack bonus is, and where those numbers are coming from. It's kind of essential.

Considering that the Fighter has an unnamed +3 in it's mix, I would guess that there's some proficiency and attack bonus coming into play for the characters that hasn't been revealed.

This vagueness makes things frustrating for numbers people, like myself. "Gotta get the math to add right across the board, or something's wrong."   
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