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Hey guys just wanted to get a quick answer to this

If I have a Silverblade Paladin soulbound with another creature and attack with my other creature and in response the opponent destroys my silverblade does my creature will no longer deal damage as if it had double strike? and same for cards like Wingcrafter if i destory it b4 blockers are declared i can then block the creature its paired with, with a creature that doesn't have flying??
It depends on when it's destroyed.  The moment Paladin/Wingcrafter isn't on the field anymore, the other creature will cease to have the granted ability.

If Wingcrafter is destroyed before the Declare Blockers Step, the other creature will be able to be blocked by non-flyers.

If Paladin is destroyed before the second Combat Damage Step, then the other creature will only deal damage once. 
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Thank you for the quick response and for the answers.
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