Link to download packet doesn't work

When I got my first link to download the playtest packet, it went to (click here).  This just redirected to the Playtest Signup page I'd already signed up on.

So I signed up again, this time getting a different email.  The "click here to download the packet" link just goes to (click here), which redirects to, just displaying a list of various topics.

Anyone else having this problem?  I'm really anxious to have a look at the playtest packet, but I just can't manage to get a proper link.  Now I'm starting to get the emails asking for feedback … really would like to give some! 
You'll want to read the download issues thread over in the General forum.

Or you can just follow the link posted: Playtest Packet Download
Thanks.  Looks like they'd fixed the problems before my third try, which worked (before I saw your reply).
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