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I've looked around the net for some time now, and have found a few PC managers. To keep track of their stats and making battfles very managable.

What I've found so far:
4e DD combat manager (free)
(get really get it working, but it looked alright.)

Yes, this superb tool can also be used as a PC manager - but I would like something a lilte more foucsed on the combat and the PC.

RPG Manager
apparently, it has some restrictions if you don't buy, but it might do what I want

So do you guys use such managers? If so, which onr?

thanks in advance.
Nah. They manage their stuff. I manage mine. I don't care what they have on their sheets as long as it's awesome in play. Some of this management software is actually an interference during the game, I've found.

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Yeah, Masterplan isn't a PC manager by any means, but its combat management is the best there is in my opinion.
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