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Ok first of all thanks for viewing and any advice is greatly appreciated. So here's the problem I'm running this township tokens shell tailored for the new Champion of Lambholt(ok for some reason auto card isn't showing it as of my first posting) and yes you guessed it it's a little clunky.

Ok now there's the list a few sidenotes though as of right now I'm saving up for the duals but still not set on razorverge thicket but definitely gonna get a playset of sunpetal grove.


Why do you use a token-shell, if G/W humans is better?
92195628 wrote:
I just heard the distinct noise of a lone guitar string breaking, somewhere off in the distance.
Have you tried a single Fresh Meat? It's amazing  
uhmm ok so I have no idea what G/W humans should look like but in all honesty my tokens are mostly humans lol. And fresh meat huh? never thought of that I'm gonna look for one or two to try it out any ideas on what I should take out?


Maybe take out
a) 1 Increasing Devotion
b) 1
Just my 3 cents.   
GW human aggro looks mostly like this:

Creatures (29)
4 Avacyn's Pilgrim
4 Champion of the Parish
2 Hero of Bladehold
1 Wolfir Silverheart
4 Doomed Traveler
4 Mayor of Avabruck
2 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
4 Silverblade Paladin
4 Champion of Lambholt

Spells (8)
3 Gather the Townsfolk
2 Oblivion Ring
3 Sword of War and Peace

Lands (23)
4 Razorverge Thicket
6 Plains
5 Forest 
2 Sunpetal Grove
4 Cavern of Souls
2 Gavony Township
92195628 wrote:
I just heard the distinct noise of a lone guitar string breaking, somewhere off in the distance.
I don't like Wolfir Silverheart in Standard. He is SO much worse than he is in block; Block has very little playable instant speed removal to get rid of an 8/8, so he's basically invincible. In Standard, he falls to Vapor Snag, Go For The Throat, Doom Blade, etc. in the middle of combat for what is often a brutal 2-for-1.
Maybe the third Hero over him? I like to have him as a kind-of Angelic Destiny, though. Or simply to pump Lambholt if the opponent is outtapped. Gives random wins, but I agree on him being worse in standard than he is in block.
92195628 wrote:
I just heard the distinct noise of a lone guitar string breaking, somewhere off in the distance.
I don't like Wolfir Silverheart in Standard. He is SO much worse than he is in block; Block has very little playable instant speed removal to get rid of an 8/8, so he's basically invincible. In Standard, he falls to Vapor Snag, Go For The Throat, Doom Blade, etc. in the middle of combat for what is often a brutal 2-for-1.

I actually rather like Silverheart, I just think that in this kind of deck he's a much better piece of sideboard. I'd push Thalia number 3 in it's stead for a better curve-out (which is probably the deck's strongest feature)
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ok thanks for the feedbacks guys and yes U agree that the humans list is a lot better than tokens but the problem is my budget. I'm already stretching it right now on trying to get duals I might get enough cash to complete that list but it'll take a month at least. anyway with that in mind is there any way I can make this token shell better for now until I get the pieces for humans?


I don't think the token shell really works without 4 champion of the parish and 4 increasing devotion and some parallel lives.  If you are doing budget g/w humans with champion of lambholt you should look at as more of a control deck, with an emphasis on cards like gideon's lawkeeper and fiend hunter.  A build that utilizes a lot of token pump with increasing savagery and travel preparations and blessings of nature could be more useful than actual creature tokens, especially if you can get a couple of wild defiance.  The goal is going to be to turn your mana dorks like avacyn's pilgrim and borderland ranger into serious threats once the champion of lambholt gets tough.  You could also look at using some of the cheap green soulbound creatures to work in concert with the champion, just like Wolfir Silverheart does.  
This deck will struggle against flying, so spidery grasp could be a useful sideboard substitute for some of your pump spells.  Also, you need to defend your Champions against removal, so Faith's Shield will also prove useful, and gives you a secondary means of getting some damage through.  Include some naturalize and/or ray of revelation to help you deal with other threats, and maybe include a few token makers or Day of Judgment or Terminus to help you deal with faster ramp decks.

Here's a more budget build for you:

I settled on W/g Humans for tonight's FNM and the deck ran very well, considering that I threw it together at the last possible moment and ran the night without the advantage of a sideboard. After making some trades and increasing my available resources I want to fine-tune this deck and have it ready for another run next week, complete with sideboard. Here is the list so far:

Land (23)
5x Plains
4x Forest
4x Razorverge Thicket
4x Sunpetal Grove
4x Cavern of Souls
2x Gavony Township

Creatures (26)
4x Avacyn's Pilgrim
4x Champion of the Parish
4x Champion of Lambholt
4x Mayor of Avabruck
4x Silverblade Paladin
3x Hero of Bladehold
3x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

Other Spells (6)
3x Gather the Townsfolk
3x Oblivion Ring

*Note: I'm debating dropping some of the Sunpetal Groves. I love that I have access to all the multi-lands in this deck but running so many non-basics almost guarantees that the Groves come into play tapped, which is pretty terrible for a deck like this. Thoughts?

This list is 55 cards, so I have a few more spells I can take. Cards I'm currently considering are:

1) Mirran Crusader. I'm having a hard time making a decision to completely remove Crusaders from the deck in favor of Silverblade Paladins. While I accept that the Paladin has more benefit in that it grants double strike to another creature of mine, I really quite enjoy the protection that the Crusaders carry. There are many games I have won because my opponent simply couldn't hit the Crusader with Tragic Slip or Doom Blade or the like. It's also pretty brutal against the Zombie decks that are popping up in Standard.

2) Angelic Destiny. Simply put I don't have Sword of War and Peace, or any other Sword, to put here. This is under consideration for the "equipment" slots in my deck. This spell is just vicious, especially when popped on to a double-striker.

3) Moonsilver Spear. Another contender for the equipment slots. Although I consider it to be inferior to Angelic Destiny, I love that it creates tokens for me to keep using.. plus those tokens pump up my Champion of Lambholt. Still.. I don't really know if it's worth using.

4) Infiltration Lens. Last contender for the equipment slots. Cheap to cast, cheap to equip, and lets me draw lots of cards if my opponent is chump blocking me turn after turn. I really want some form of card drawing in this deck so that it is less likely to run completely out of steam and leave me top-decking, but I'm not certain if I want to run with Mentor of the Meek since he is undermined by the Mayor.

5) Doomed Traveler. Standard white one-drop. Comes into play and pumps my Champions, dies and comes back and pumps my Champion of Lambholt again. Somewhat useful I would think, but the 1/1 spirit flier gets absolutely no bonuses from anything I have, apart from an equipment or enchantment effect.

6) Fiend Hunter. Removal. I'm not entirely thrilled at the concept of running a deck that has only three copies of Oblivion Ring for dealing with anything my opponent throws at me. I could also consider Beast Within here, but that spell is hurt by my own Thalia.

7) Grand Abolisher. No, you won't be flashing in that Restoration Angel or Snapcaster Mage to pull any form of shenanigans on my turn. Very, very relevant. Probably a good sideboard consideration, if not in the main deck.

8) Wolfir Silverheart. Unnnhhh. I love the concept of pairing this guy up with Silverblade Paladin, but hate the reality that it is likely to run into a cheap black removal, or Vapor Snag, or anything else that the current Standard format has to offer.. and leave my Paladin stranded in combat as a 2/2 nothing. Very risky. Perhaps a good sideboard consideration against decks that can't simply insta-kill or bounce it?

There's my thoughts. Would anyone else be kind enough to offer me any other opinions or suggestions, either on the cards I have listed or perhaps on others I may have overlooked?

Many thanks in advance!

Ok so I finally got some trades in and got most of the G/W humans pieces at the cost of my playset of huntmaster of the fells,copperline gorge and rootbound crag needless to say I wont be going Gruul on the next block but that's beside the point. So here's my new list.

I'm Thinking about Siding out Silverheart because I agree with all the concerns most people have with it getting bounced or removed during combat and stuff. The Problem is what to replace it with Bladehold is nice and I might go that route but my concern with it is that it will rotate out soon. And also without silverheart Cloudshift will most likely go out too since I only put it in there to switch up pumps mid combat but switching double strikes with paladin could warrant keeping it. 

Oh and a little help with sideboard would be appreciated thanks!


Just a quick little bump to see if I can reel in any additional support for myself or MSL1988.
Four Townships seem like a bit overkill. Two to three would probably suffice. You can also keep the Cloudshifts, works pretty well against spot removal.

Angelic Destiny is the next best thing to Swords, IMO.

I've since moved my Wolfir Silverhearts to the sideboard of my own GW humans, and side it in when I'm up against Wolf Run and other decks that rely on burn for removal.

My own deck:

I'd replace a few of my creatures with Angelic Destiny but alas, I don't have enough cash yet. 
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