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Hi im playing with a delver illusion deck and was thinking to try out a xenograft card in my deck. So if i play it and call illusions for its effect will delver or my non illusion creatures have the illusion effect (sacrifice this creature when it becomes the target of a spell or ability) ???
Creature types do not have any built in abilities. Birds do not automatically have flying, walls do not automatically have defender, and illusions do not automatically have the sacrifice ability seen on some recent illusions.
None of the creature types have any rules baggage associated with them.  Phantasmal Bear has the sacrifice triggered ability because it's printed in its rules text, not because it's an Illusion.  Indeed, there are many other Illusions that don't have that ability.  Giving creatures the Illusion creature type won't give them that ability.
ok thx but can i ask something else: so i declare illusions for the xenograft ok my bear i already an illusion so it will get +1/+1 but will it take another illusion type as a secondary one from the xnogr. and then get another +1/+1??
No. Multiple creature types that are the same are redundant. It is either an illusion and gets +1/+1 or it is not.
Something either is an Illusion or isn't.  It's not possible for one Illusion to be more of an Illusion than another Illusion.
ok ty for ur answers!
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