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I recently introduced a buddy of mine to D&D.  I have limited knowledge of the game and time as well.  While looking through the character builder, he was wanting to go with a Revenant Warlock.  Things took a turn for the ugly when he saw that the Scythe was an available weapon.  He now wants to build the Warlock with the Scythe as his impliment.  Is that possible?  If so, what would be some good feat selections for him to cast through the Scythe?  He is not overally concerned with optimization, but doesn't want to be useless.  Any and all suggestions welcomed and thanks in advance.
For future reference, this kind of stuff belongs in the CharOp forums.

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I would think that this fits into the forum.  Jerekk is looking for info to build the PC, not max it out.  I think Charop would tell him to just play with the character builder, and ignore him.  

If the player picks up the feat arcane impliment proficency that lines up with the scythe he should be able to use it.  Have him pick up melee profency with scythe (not the same feat), and Eldrich Strike and you have the reaper concept it sounds like your player wants.  

This works out to being a pretty heavy feat tax.  Can you persuade the player to refluff a rod, or staff to work?  I say staff because of the Arcane Duelist feat.  It gives you the accuracy bonus feat, and gives you access to staves as implements.  One feat that you want to send already, and it gets you where you close to your wanted item.
Actually, it's pretty simple to make a Warlock with a Scythe. Either have him multiclass into Swordmage or take the Arcane Implement Proficiency Feat to gain Heavy Blades as an Implement. Since a Scythe is a Heavy Blade, he will be able to fuel all of his spells with the Scythe.