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after testing this deck a few times, I love it!  It's not too reliant on the general which is good because there is a lot of general hate in my area.  There are several ways to tutor creatures out that are repeatable.  It doesn't require a lot of mana to go off, and its in my 2 favorite colors.  I'm just looking for some suggestions to make it better (and I'm on a budget) and I'm wondering about a few things in the deck.

[C]Wort, Boggart Auntie[/C]

Creatures 29
[C]Auntie's Snitch[/C]
[C]Mogg War Marshal[/C]
[C]Mogg Sentry[/C]
[C]Siege-Gang Commander[/C]
[C]Goblin Deathraiders[/C]
[C]Taurean Mauler[/C]
[C]Boggart Mob[/C]
[C]Boggart Harbinger[/C]
[C]Goblin Warchief[/C]
[C]Goblin Chieftain[/C]
[C]Goblin Matron[/C]
[C]Goblin Chirurgeon[/C]
[C]Mad Auntie[/C]
[C]Frogtosser Banneret[/C]
[C]Knucklebone Witch[/C]
[C]Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician[/C]
[C]Reckless One[/C]
[C]Skirk Fire Marshal[/C]
[C]Skirk Prospector[/C]
[C]Spikeshot Elder[/C]
[C]Spikeshot Goblin[/C]
[C]Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker[/C]
[C]Bloodmark Mentor[/C]
[C]Mudbutton Torchrunner[/C]
[C]Voracious Dragon[/C]
[C]Ashenmoor Liege[/C]
[C]Akki Coalflinger[/C]

Spells 17
[C]Nameless Inversion[/C]
[C]Fodder Launch[/C]
[C]Dragon Fodder[/C]
[C]Boggart Birth Rite[/C]
[C]Mob Justice[/C]
[C]Goblin Grenade[/C]
[C]Night's Whisper[/C]
[C]Faithless Looting[/C]
[C]Diabolic Tutor[/C]
[C]Din of the Fireherd[/C]
[C]Savage Beating[/C]
[C]Bituminous Blast[/C]
[C]Breath of Malfegor[/C]
[C]Patriarch's Bidding[/C]
[C]Needlebite Trap[/C]

Artifacts 12 
[C]Sensei's Divining Top[/C]
[C]Whispersilk Cloak[/C]
[C]Lightning Greaves[/C]
[C]Mimic Vat[/C]
[C]Vedalken Orrery[/C]
[C]Journeyer's Kite[/C]
[C]Wayfarer's Bauble[/C]
[C]Coat of Arms[/C]
[C]Dolmen Gate[/C]
[C]Prototype Portal[/C]

Enchantments 4
[C]Boggart Shenanigans[/C]
[C]Quest for the Goblin Lord[/C]
[C]Dralnu's Crusade[/C]
[C]Curse of Stalked Prey[/C]

Planeswalker 1
[C]Chandra Ablaze[/C]

Land 36
[C]Auntie's Hovel[/C]
[C]Spinerock Knoll[/C]
[C]Graven Cairns[/C]
Mountain x17
Swamp x16  

Ok so a question I have and was hoping someone could answer, with [C]Skirk Fire Marshal[/C] can I tap 10 or 15 goblins and once and it go off 2 or 3 times before they all die?
The Skirk Fire Marshal's ability is activated, so if you activate it multiple times and put each onto the stack before any of them actually resolve, it will resolve as long as all targets are still legal upon resoluction (in this case, as long as you have opponents and you are still in the game, it will resolve). If you let it resolve before activating it again, well then you've got some gigantic goblins already....
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thank you!
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