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Hi all, trying to do a control+burn deck, with Pyromancer Ascension + Gelectrode cards, but I was wondering if there's another card like Pyromancer's, cuz may could be a little bit easy to remove, and the same for Gelectrode.

I'll put here the deck, and let's see if you like what I thought for it:

P.S: I also found Cinder Pyromancer , but don't know what to change it for, may for sb once I know what my opponent haves

P.S.S: I've been thinking, when we have to SB, opponent may be easy to get rip of Pyromancer/Gelectrode, so, what if in the SB I put something like more burn? Something like:

4 Ball Lightning
4 Spark Elemental
4 Goblin Guide
3 Mountain
(for when I SB for burn more chances to draw a Mountain than an Island)
if you are running a pyromancer ancension deck just make it into a RU STORM. just use ramp and grapeshot  then all you have to do is get a storm count of 10 wwith pyromancer out...also as a sideboard option you could run vexing shusher  also add in empty the warrens
thanks! will take a look for what to change it for!
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