Short Rest

If a character takes a short rest but does not have a healers kit, do they regain any Hit Point?


How would you plan to bind your wounds without a healer's kit?  I suppose the DM might make up something, like letting you tear up your clothes for makeshift bandages so you could heal at a small penalty, but that would be a house rule.

The metagame is not the game.

The text defines Hit points as an abstract, representing speed, agility to avoid attacks, divine luck, etc.  

So my question I guess is why do we need a concrete item to heal an abstract number?


If that were true, and the first half of your HP represented luck and the second half represented minor cuts, then it wouldn't make sense to require a kit to recover.

I can explain the rules, and I can interpret the rules, but their definition of HP is pure fluff that flies in the face of what the rules are clearly trying to represent.

If you want to house rule it while remaining internally consistent with the fluff, you could say that you only need a kit to heal if you're already below half.  Again, the rules don't say that, but it is a (reasonable) method of interpreting it. 

The metagame is not the game.

Thanks Saelorn.  I was looking for a rules clarification, not a house rule.  From what the text indicates a character taking a Short Rest without a Healing Kit is not mentioned but I know it will come up in play.


Rules as written, you don't recover anything during a short rest if you don't have a kit and hit dice to spend.  If you did, it would say.

The metagame is not the game.

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