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No, you didn't read the title wrong. I am brewing a RW control deck which can, hopefully, beat most popular decks. I haven't tried it out yet, still trying to get all the cards. Any suggestions/ advice is welcome. I don't want the price of this deck to get to crazy though.

3 x
2 x

3 x
4 x
3 x Day of Judgement
4 x
2 x Slagstorm
3 x Pristine Talisman
3 x
1 x
4 x Oblivion Ring
3 x Timely Reinforcements
4 x
2 x Plains
9 x
I am skeptical of Sun Titan's usefulness here. You really have nothing meaningful to reanimate with him. Replace with Entreat the Angels or Bonfire of the Damned or Devil's Play.

I wouldn't run Burning Oil over the extra Pillars; they're really useful against Undying, Gravecrawlers, etc.

You don't really have any card advantage, or any way to really lock up a game. You just remove stuff and then hope your creatures will finish it; if you run out of removal you're liable to be overrun. 
Try taking a look at Caleb Durward's HippoBlade from Pro Tour Dark Ascension. It's pretty old, but you've got a base there.
Edited it a bit. Thanks for the advice. My main win cons are now: Red Sun's Zenith, Devil's Play, Gisela, and Gideon.
You're really short on deck manipulation effects (even Evolving Wilds to thin out the deck and get a shuffle effect). This is really going to work against you in the long run since even with the sweet removal, you're going to want to play most of the game passively. With Pristine Talisman as your only passive setup option, your deck is going to fall short on it's ability to retrieve the kind of power you need at the time you need. That said, I'd cut the Whipflares, Geistflames and a couple of O.Rings for Faithless Looting, Solemn Simulacrum and Reforge the Soul (a single Terminus wouldn't hurt either)
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As much as I know this deck needs those cards, my meta is full of human/ aggro decks, which whipflare/ g-flame help kill.
Do yall think my deck would be stronger if it was artifact heavy, with finishers like Razor Hippogriff and Kuldotha Phoenix


1) Someone did the math, and popping fetches for "thinning" is negligable unless you do a large number of them.

2) Faithless looting is horrible in control, it's negative card advantage.

3) I hardly see where this list is optimized for Reforge the Soul.

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