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This is my deck list can you please give me your opinion on it. I have not played a tournament with this list yet so i do not know how it will play out. I want this to be semi-fast with a scion of oona played by turn 3 and a phantasmal image of scion by turn 4. Can you also recommend good sideboard cards to me if you can. Thanks.

4x Zephyr Sprite
2x Spellstutter Sprite
3x Scion of Oona
2x Sower of Temptation
3x Phantasmal Image
2x Snapcaster Mage

4x Peppersmoke   
4x Serum Visions  
3x Unsummon
2x Advice from the Fae
3x Night's Whisper
2x Tragic Slip
2x Cryptic Command
2x Mana Leak
2x Gitaxian Probe
2x Thoughtseize
2x Inquisition of Kozilek

7x Islands
2x Swamp
3x Secluded Glen
4x Drowned Catacomb  
use the autos please. [*c*]before card title and after card[*/c*]  just dont use the stars *....gives this result:

ancient grudge 
the deck looks cool. i'd always been fond of faeries as a tribe. The only thing i'd advice is that you're missing one of the best faeries printed. Mistbind Clique