first thoughts on playtest

Session ran for 4 hours
DM Joe 14 years DM / Player 2nd 3x 4th
Ray 30+ years playing /running  all edition - dwarf fighter Dorlas stoneaxe
Kim 14 years playing 2nd 3x 4th - elf wizard Alenrda
Tim 30+ years playing running all editions- Rogue Halfling Galbo Horneblower
Mike 12 years playing  3x and 4th - Dwarf Cleric of Mordidan Tordek
Peggy 15 years playing 2nd 3x 4th - Human Cleric of Pelor Sharlia

basic play style of the group 50% combat 25% exploration 25% interaction

Notes and concerns:
Need to add Charge as an attack action - I improvised saying you can move then charge as your attack action at a disadvantage

- missing flanking rules and Attacks of Opportunity

- question about reactions, when does it refresh?  is it at the beginning of your next turn or does it refresh at the beginning of the round

- player of the Dwarf fighter unhappy, seems boring needs more options during combat
quote “no real skills outside of combat. boring while in combat lack of versatility / things to do. all I do is move and attack woo who”  we fee you need to add something more to do as part of an attack such as as effect (push pull slide burst blast)

-wizard didn’t like AC being the only defense also didn’t like the auto hit / DM (defender) rolling saves and wasn’t happy about AC being the only defense

- Group over all didn’t like the how healing worked, they didn’t like the lack of healing and esp at low levels one bad fight and you need to run. one suggestion is maybe add a second wind or allow drinking potions as a partial move action

-rogue felt broken in the exploration / skill in that with the skill mastery “auto 10” gave the rogue a min of 16 which blow through the traps in the caves of chaos making rolling a mummer farce.
**it came up that in a dungeon crawl it gets boring with the rogue doing everything until there is a fight even with the new ability “Skill” checks
** group would like to have a module adding action points

Fun stuff
The Dwarf cleric of Moridan wanted to throw his warhammer so  I allowed it and put it at a disadvantage and not adding strength modifier in to the damage

Over all I had fun with it

I liked the advantage / disadvantage mechanic 
I liked the way the ability checks work in place of skills
As DM I felt that I have a good set of Tools for those unexpected situtations that always come up and I didnt feel that there were a lack of rules 

I am not a huge fan of 2nd 3x editions the fights were boring and I like 4th edition powers but IMO they were like the spells of 2nd / 3rd to many and most did the same thing just slightly different.

I would like to see the fighter have some maneuvers ( push pull slide) but what I hear on the forums is that something is in the works
I liked the at wills for the cleric and wizard but the healing output was very low
(3rd not enough 4th to much)