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Good evening.

I got back into magic a few weeks back, after ceasing to play when Scars of Mirrodin was released (or thereabouts). I am, for want of a better word, slatewiped as far as cards are concerned, but building up a solid playset collection for staples and so forth fairly quickly. I am lucky to have finally got together a group large enough for EDH, casual, and soon FNM tournments, so am working on Standard legal decks for that eventuality. I'd like to keep it cheap, though not to detriment, and to theme. First to go under the knife is a Standard legal g/w deck with a hint of blink, more like a homage (a bad one) to one of my favourite decks of all time, the Astral Slide.

As it stands now, the deck looks like this.

Lands (24)

10X Forest
9X Plains 
4X Terramorphic Expanse (We allow functioal reprints).
1X Cavern of Souls

Creatures (12)

4X Moldgraf Monstrosity
4X Acidic Slime
3X Borderland Ranger
1X Chancellor of the Annex

Spells (22)

4X Cloudshift
3X Natural End
4X Divine Reckoning
4X Hunter's Insight
4X Banishing Stroke
3X Oblivion Ring

Planeswalkers (2)

1X Garruk Relentless
1X Gideon Jura

Total Cards = 60

Now, mandatory notes...I have a Garruk Relentless and Gideon Jura. I tend to lean towards dual colour decks, with one planeswalker representing each colour for support. In this particular instance, I don't feel either adds anything to the deck, though the mana ramp is huge, so I'm open to larger creatures or finishing spells instead.

I don't need dual lands, or other expensive mana solutions, as the land works more than good enough for the deck (I've tested it in solo standard and multiplayer). I would be open to effect land suggestions, though, if you have anythig rogue to throw at me!

I have access to one Silverblade Paladin, and a Riders of Gavony. I have a solitary Terminus, but feel that'd counter my own strategy to sweep lands and mana screw my opponent with the Monstrosity/Dual Slime beatstick.

I do have 4 Divine Reckoning that I'd like help to fit in, what to take out for them?

Anything else really, as long as it's less than £5, that'd be great! I'm new to standard with the current blocks, though last disclaimer, avoid Mirrodin, as it's cycling soon .


DCI Judge Level 1

Harrow isn't standard legal...
Gideon seems to be amazing in your deck. Just try him out, you won't be disappointed. 

Good start.

Guess that makes it easier.

-4 Harrow
+1 Oblivion Ring
+3 Divine Reckoning

I'll give Gideon a pop next weekend and see if he does anything -

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Constructed decks are a minimum 60 cards, barring EDH.
I'm aware of that, I pointed it out to show there's room for additional cards.

I've gone with Gideon and a solitary Chancellor of the Annex for gambit.

Now I'm worried about excess lands in the hand...

DCI Judge Level 1

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